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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pirate Room - Building the Beds Part 1

When we got ready to build the beds we had no formal plans,
just a drawing I made.
we decided we needed to build them together.
(They were going to take "both" of our brain power and talents.)
 Les took a couple of days off and we really got to work.
 We worked hard and were surprised at how fast it seemed to go.

(We might have been a little too focused, 
as one child dropped the kids' lap top distorting the screen 
and another child ran into the side mirror on our truck with the trash can. 
All of which cost over $150 to fix!!!)

Ever build something and feel like everything else is falling apart?
But I digress, back to how we built the beds.

We just took it one layer at a time.
We started by building a base or platform out of 2x4's.
 Then we attached the base to the wall and headboard with screws.
Next we built a short 2x4 wall for the end of the bed and attached that to the wall and the floor.
(This baby had to be sturdy because
 we knew we would have boys jumping off it!)

The next section was a little tricky, 
but once we decided on all the measurements it went pretty fast.
This section would create all the cubbies for our crates.
This was all made out of MDF 
(except for a few pieces that wouldn't be visible in the end.)
Next, we add a ledger across the back and the end. 
 This was to support the deck or bed.
At this point we chose to paint the inside of the cubbies because they were easy to access.
(Good thinking, Les!)

The deck was the easiest layer!!
And then of coarse I had to try it out!!
(Works great, only a little hard.)

The short walls across the back were easy. 
 But the curved walls I wanted on the front side took some thinking!!!
I know, 
why do I have to make it so difficult?
I'm just that way! 
You know
 details, details, details!!

OK, back to the bed building.

(You will want to refer to the set of pictures below for this next part or you may get totally lost!

We made the wall in the shape of a "b" turned on it's side.
 Easy enough. 
Now for the curve.
(This was Les awesome idea)
He screwed in two temporary support blocks, 
then we cut a thin piece of hardboard. 
Carefully we bent it and slid it into place.
The temporary blocks held the thin curved boards in place.  
(This was all after quite a lot of discussion and a little bit of trial and error.)
Once in place we cut a diagonal support block and slid it in.
Everything was tacked down with our finish nailer.
After it dried we took the temporary blocks out.

Note, if I did this again I would avoid nails on this curved piece. 
I would glue it and use only a couple of nails at the top and bottom.  
They are hard to fill and sand in the curve.
But all and all we were pretty darn proud of our curves. 
 This was something we had never done and weren't sure we could. 
 Needless to say,
 about now we were tickled pink!  

we were finally ready to put some skins on those beds.
But first Les needed a drink of glue!
Just kidding.
We forgot to put glue on this one curve, 
our wood glue cap was broken so Les used what ever was close. 
 Yes, it was a straw.
We may get a little weird after working to long!!

We lined the inside of the beds with bead board scraps. 
 Check out the rainbow painted scrap below. 
It all looks the same after it's painted.

Covering the skeleton with MDF was pretty simple, 
except for the front. 
 Those darn curves again!!
We wanted one piece to cover the curved walls an extend down to the top of the cubbies.
So again after much discussion, 
here's what we did!
1.  We measured and cut a rectangle to fit the longest and widest parts of our area.  
We actually tacked it in place with a couple of short nails.  
2.  Then we just used a pencil and traced the inside of the bed.
3.  Gently we pulled the board off and cut on our beautiful new line with a jig saw.
4.  Tada! Our custom fit piece. 
 We had to make sure to support the thin part as we cut
 (notice all the 2x4 scraps on the tin can).
Then we just nailed it in place!! 

Well, I hope you were inspired,
 learned something new 
or were just plain entertained.  
I'll be back with Part 2 of the bed building soon. 
Thanks for stopping by!


Sibel-ish said...

You always do a great job. Marvellous!

dee dee said...

I was on the This Old House site the other day and saw your entry! Congratulations... my fingers are crossed for you! A 100% project if I say so myself!
Great beds!
dee dee

Laura Everyday Edits said...

Awesome! And, you and your husband obviously work well together. My {first} husband is taking a few days off for us to redo our deck (our builder used drywall screws on our deck). I did finish my barn doors.. finally! Great job Ronda, laura@imnotatrophywife.com