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Monday, April 9, 2012

Strange vistors and a Happy Easter

We have had some interesting visitors to say the least!

OK, that is really my 15 year old son! 
 He is very talented at many things one of which is FX make-up. 
 He wanted to work on pictures for his portfolio,
 so last week while on spring break he did a new face a day. 
 The first two faces he actually made the latex pieces he put on his face, 
like the nose and across the eye.  
The old man was my favorite. 
 He went around acting like and old man.  
He even fooled his own grandmother!  
He went to a store, 
stop and suddenly broke into some fancy dance moves.  
And then slowly walked away like an old man.  
It was too funny!

Thanks to Jen at Doll by Jen,
 (She is just as cute and friendly in person)
he was able to do the make up for a local community theater.  
He did a great job.  
We are so proud of him!

We also had a great Easter, 
and it wouldn't seem right not to post the girls in their Easter dresses!

Ashlee was so proud of her finger nails.  
I painted them to match the changing colors of her dress!  
I can't take the credit, 
I got the idea from Pintrest.
Here's a link to the original source,
 a blog called The Beauty Department.
Go check it out!

Well thanks for stopping by our strange 
but entertaining house.
That's just the Batchelors Way!

I'll be back soon with Part 2 of making the Pirate Room beds.


Danielle said...

SUPER AWESOME - he is so talented. I'm impressed. :)

dee dee said...

You are the best mom! Your sons are so talented and I got the biggest kick out of his grocery store trip! Very inspirational!
dee dee