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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have every done. 
 I have wept and sorrowed more deeply than I knew you could,
 but I have also felt unimaginable JOY!  

Six kids takes a lot of time. 
 I spend hours and it never seems like it's enough. 
 But days like yesterday when your 13 year old gives a super talk in church and I see how he does appreciate his mother
 and that he is gaining a testimony of his Savior and growing up,
 or when my 15 year old cleans up the kitchen just to help me out, 
or my 17 year old thanks me for staying up till 2 am 
so he could have kids over for after Prom, 
or my girls go gaga over the hairstyle I did for them, 
or when my 7 year old wraps his arms around me 
with so much vigor and force he almost knocks me downs 
and says I love you mom!  
These are the times I am reminded why I spend so much time!
Time serving them and loving them.  
Some days I am in tears from exhaustion 
and feeling overwhelmed,
 but today I'm in tears from JOY!  
Joy that my Heavenly Father trusted me with so many souls 
to try and train,
 learn from 
and return back to him!  
Thank you Heavenly Father 
and my sweet children!

I'm also grateful to my mother for growing up she was my hero.
  I always wanted to be a a true lady like her!!

Hope all mother's had a great Mother's Day!


dee dee said...

Happy Mother's Day!
You are a wonderful mom!
dee dee

Rachel said...

Beautiful. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. You have beautiful children, too.

You are always an inspiration to me; whether in you mad DIY skills or your 'mothering' or your relationship with your Saviour....

God bless, Rachel