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Friday, May 25, 2012

Prom for Less!

How much does it cost a young man to take a girl to Prom? 

Rent a tux,
day activity,
Prom ticket
it all adds up to $200 or more!! 

What's a poor high school boy to do?

My boys,

 (yes, these are all my boys)
 (They call me mom and eat all my food)

checked their pockets 

(and each others pockets)

And came up empty!!!

So they got creative!
They collected tons of card board boxes,  
and duct tape.
(just a few $$)

For the day activity they brought all their dates to our backyard, 
divided into two teams and built card board castles.
 I got to be the judge of the finished structures.
Creativity, team work and fun!!

 they made the girls PB and J sandwiches for lunch in the backyard.
(Few $$ for lunch)
Followed up by the most awesome water fight ever.
(Supplies from the Dollar Store)
They had so much fun all day.
I was sad to see them all go to get ready!

Each boy picked up their date and gave her a home made paper corsage.  
One of the boy's sister helped them make these wonderful wrist corsages one afternoon. 
 They even put them in special boxes.

I came home to six flower boxes taking up space in my fridge, 
  "Because that's were you put corsages,"
 the boys all said.
(Who cares if they are paper!)

Anyway they cost practically nothing,
and the girls loved them.  
How could they not love something made especially for them 
by their dates?
I could not believe how wonderful they were.
Those boys were so proud.

After the girls were all picked up they arrived back at,
 you guessed it,
 my house for pictures. 
 Ordering a few prints was much cheaper than Prom pictures 
and I must say the ones I took are much cuter!  
I had so much fun. 

 How can you not have fun taking pictures of 12 stinking cute teenagers!!

Here are some of my favorites, 

(OK, I took way to many, but oh well.)

my yard looks great as a backdrop,
 I'm just saying!

I love all these boys,
 but I'm a little partial to one named Austin!
 I had to add a few extra of him and his adorable date!

We did some really fun poses.
 Check out the kids in the back ground of the pictures below!
(See why it was so fun?

Here's the whole gang, a traditional prom picture.
Love it!!

After pictures they went to one of the girl's houses for dinner.
Her mom made a great feast that the boys' helped pay for.
After the dance,
 they came,
 once again,
 back to our house 
for a fire in the back yard.

These kids had such a fun time 
and these boys didn't have to spend hardly anything!

I'm so proud of my boys!

I'm so glad I got to host so much of their fun day and night.
(Considering Les and I didn't get to bed until 2 am, 
but I wouldn't have it any other way).

I'll leave ya with my favorite picture of the group!

Thanks for stopping by!!


KeriAnne said...

That is AWESOME! They all look great!

Amanda Batchelor said...

That looks so fun, Ronda! I hope I can do some fun stuff with Brooke when she starts dating! I have you for inspiration!!!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

What amazing young men! So proud of the initiative they took to be creative and fun without spending a ton of money. It looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

çok güzel bir görüntü:)

dee dee said...

Oh wow.... makes me wish I was 16 again! Love the flower idea! (the one we purchased for Zac's date cost $18.00 and wasn't nearly as pretty!)
How fun and excellent photos!
dee dee

dee dee said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you!
Just got my copy of this Old House!
Way to go my friend!
dee dee

Tara said...

LOVE the pictures. As the mom of daughters, I especially appreciate how beautiful all the girls looked without "showing too much". The boys all look handsome as well. :)