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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last of the Pirate Room

It's the last of the Pirate Room posts.  
That may be good if your sick of hearing about it 
or sad if you just can't get enough.  
But either way this is it!!  
These are some of the smaller projects we did.  
Let's start with the bamboo mat. 
 I found this at D.I. for $6. 
(I found the exact mat online for $60.)  

 I wiped it down to get it really clean and free of dirt. 
 I found a world map on line,
 put it on my overhead projector 
and traced that image onto the mat.

Using black craft paint Les and I sat down and just painted in all the land masses by hand. 
 It took us about 45 minutes.

I then sprayed a matte finish sealer over the top of the paint.
The boys love this mat.  
We want to put dots on the map for where Dad went on his mission 
and where each of our boys end up going!

Long before we started the Pirate room I snagged this big world map at DI. 
 It was ripped in a few places but no matter. 
 I had these three frames already and just moved them around the map 
till I found spots I liked. 
Then I traced the frame, 
cut it out, 
and put it in the frames.

I darkened the frames with black stain for an older look.
I really like how they turned out.  
(I gotta admit they would look cool almost any where.
 (Kinda Pottery Barn like.)

The last Pirate project began when I found these frames with old buggy prints in them. 
At $1 each I couldn't resist.  
I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but I loved the round openings, 
they reminded me of port holes.  
As we got closer to finishing the room I realized what I wanted to do with them. 
 I found pictures of famous Pirates online and printed them out.  
Out came the buggy prints and in went the Pirates.  

They fit perfectly above the window. 
They seemed like pictures of past Pirate captains that had slept there.

That's the last of the details of how we made and decorated the Pirate room the Batchelors Way.(Which means on a extremely low budget.)

Can't wait to show ya my next project and what's been going on at Nana's. 
Thanks, for stopping by!



Laura said...

I live this room! I saw your beds on pinterest and was searching where I could buy them!!!

Leanne said...

The mat is so awesome. I love the whole room. Thanks for linking it to the Point of View Link Party. I featured this today and will be pinning it also. Have a great day!

Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

What an amazing job you did on the room. Every detail is incredible!

paulabatton said...

How did the mat last to foot steps? I am thinking about doing one in my kid's room, but it would be a play space so I'm wondering how it would hold up.

Mimi said...

So can you post what website you got your mat? Is there any ideas to do the mat with out the projector? I dont have one :(