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Friday, June 22, 2012

What New Around Here?

I am queen of finding deals, or that's what my sister says. 
 I think it's partly due to being able to think out side the box more than luck. 
Let me show you some of the great deals I've scored lately
  at garage sales, second hand stores and the Restore.  

First up,
 I snagged these shades for my chandelier at a garage sale. 
Originally she was asking $10 for all twelve. 
 I explained I only need 9 and asked if she would take any less. 
 $7 was her offer. 
Nothing wrong with my old cream colored ones, 
 just thought a change would be fun. 
 Don't think you can tell much in the picture, 
but I love how the crystal beads bounce the light and almost glow.

My downstairs vacuum has stopped sucking.  
Which really sucks!!
(Yes, I have two vacuums.)
(I have an expensive Kirby upstairs, and a cheapy vacuum downstairs in kid ville.)

one morning while garage saling, 
 I found this Hoover wind tunnel. 
 The owner was asking $14.
I asked why it was for sale.
Because her new house had central vac.
 I asked to plug it in and make sure it worked. 
 It vacuumed fine only the on/off switch didn't work.  
You just have to plug it in to turn it on and unplug it to turn it off.
With this knowledge I offered her $10.
She countered offered with, 
"It cost me about $200, so how about $12.

I bought the fur blanket just because it was so soft and only $2!!
I don't know about you but we go through scooters like candy. 
 So when I found a practically brand new scooter at DI for $12 I snagged it. 
 Compare Branden's old scooter wheel
 to the DI one, 
 it was time to replace it!!!

Last of my awesome deal is from one of my favorite stores, the Restore!!
Let me give you a little background. 
 When we finish our family room in the basement,
(yes, I plan rooms out years in advance and slowly acquire things.)
 I want it to accommodate lots of people for movie viewing. 
I have lots of teens and preteens.  
 Having kids over to watch movies is an ever occurring thing.  
Our family alone takes up a regular sectional.  
So I knew I was probably going to have to special order a extra large sectional when the time came.
Les and I happened upon a giant solid built sectional at the Restore. 
 One section is 8 foot long and the other section is 9 foot long. 
 We sat all over it it see if there was a hard or bad spot.  
We tried to decide if it would work,
 but when the store lady said how about 50 bucks we said SOLD!! 
It's was in really good shape, just a little hairy. 
 Previous owners must of had a white hairy pet. 
Nothing a good vacuum job couldn't fix.

The hard job was getting that freaking long thing in the basement.
Did I mention it was 9' long and our staircase is a u-shape?
 But with a lot of trial and error Les, Jaysen and I got it down the stairs. 
 Oh, and thanks to Ashlee for holding the chandelier out of the way.

Looks and works great! 
 Now if we could just finish the basement.  
I'm hoping to maybe slip cover it. 
 It has really clean lines. 

How do we find such great deals?  
You have to know some days you will find nothing.  
And you often don't find what you are looking for right now, 
but something for your next project.  
Here are some pointers:
1. You have to look past what somethings are to what they can be.  
2.  Know basic ideas and measurements of rooms in your house.
3. Be open, have general ideas of what you want not so specific. 
4.  Ask if they will take less, the worst they can say it No!

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

Oh, I almost forgot,
We are having a garage sale with my mother and sister this Saturday. 
It will be at my mom's house in Magna, Utah.
 If you wish to know the address leave a comment with your e-mail address so I can e-mail it to you.


Nana said...

Thanks for all the help with the garage sale. Lots of love. Mom

Celeste B. said...

Cool finds. I was just getting a post together about all the finds we have gotten since we moved.

Speaking of getting things down stairs...we have spiral stairs into the basement and have to take things down a steep hill and into the basement door (thank goodness it has one). The couch looks awesome.

BookingAlong said...

I love this blog! We bought all our living room furniture at a garage sale where the owner was transferred to a new job in a different Stste and was a,so going through a divorce. He didn't want to take a thing with him -nor did his wife. I felt very sad for them but not enough to resist great deals and we have built many happy memories in the room with all the lovely furniture.

One question: when I bought our furniture , bedbugs weren't even on the radar screen - at least , not to the extent they are now. Does Restore sanitize everything? Do you buy furniture at garage sales? I'd still like to grab some furniture deals bit don't know how to make sure everything is bedbug free.