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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I know I've been kind of slow at posting lately.  
With the summer in full swing and all the kids home we have been a little busy. 
 I can't seem to find much time to get to my computer.  

We have had some birthdays. 
 First my girls just had a birthday. 
I'm so grateful to have some girls and that they are twins makes it all the better.
I love how Em just likes to be with me and dress like me. 
 She is a wonderfully cute and spunky girl. 
 Her talents are starting to emerge.  
She just sang in the school talent show and did very well.  
What a blessing she is to us.  
Ashlee is growing so tall.  
She is like a graceful model with super long legs. 
School seems to come easy to her.  
She is an avid reader and so responsible. 
 I can always rely on her.    
A second blessing to us.

 It seems like they were just born.  
Here they are this past Easter,

And here they are Easter of 2006!
They grow way to fast!!
Happy Birthday Girls!!

Also Happy Birthday to me!!
I had a great day thanks to my cute kids and wonderful hubby. 
He took the day off and helped me work on a project all day!!!
(I know I'm weird to work extra hard on my B-day!)

Not feeling too old for 43!
I'll just keep working hard, it keeps me young!!!


dee dee said...

Happy Birthday my friend and to your twins too! You look wonderful for 43 (my age too) we can be in the 43 club! Have a fantastic summer! And no, I don't think it is weird to want to do a projects (esp with your hubby) on your bday!
dee dee

Joyce said...

Your twins are very cute. Happy Birthday to them.

And Happy Birthday to you, hope you had a great day!

The Hubby. said...

Hey I like those black and whites of you. Still hot at 43!