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Monday, August 20, 2012

Crap Room to Craft Room

I know I've been missing in action here on my little old blog, 
but I've been sooooooo busy I can't even try to describe it. 
 This summer has been like a tornado that never stops 
and has left a wake of destruction behind. 
 It should settle down a bit after the kids go back to school in two weeks. 


 But the summer has given me plenty to blog about;
 great projects to show you! 

 First up is my office/craft room. 
 I think my family thought of it as the "crap" room 
as you can see from the look of things below. 

 This is where I blogged, sewed, crafted, and hung out!  
As I mentioned in my last post here
we sold a computer desk 
and everything from that desk got stacked,
 making the crap room look like and episode of Hoarders. 
 we decided to "take on" the lack of storage in the Office/Craft room.  

We had planned on doing this eventually, 
but it was actually way down on our list.
 But just like,
 that we bumped it up to the top of the list. 
So take a gander at the before!!

First up,
 was to transfer most of this stuff into my entry way. 
 this mess has been in my entry way for over a month.  
I must admit it is driving me
  I've tried to ignore it but it's right there. 
 It has driven me to stay up after the kids go to bed and work until 1 or 2 a.m. many times. 
 But I digress. 

After moving most of the stuff out I prepared the walls for paint.
Now remember this is Batchelors Way
 (better know as the cheap way
and we started this project on the fly
 so the budget will amaze you!! 
 With that being said I painted this room for free!!  
I have ton's of leftover paint in my garage that I got free from the dump.  
(Our dump lets you drop off paint and pick up other people's leftover paint for free.)
 remember when I talked about starting my bedroom remodel here
 I knew what color I wanted in my master bed room,
so I set to mixing the paints to achieve that color.  

I came up with all these samples below.
(I won't tell ya which one I chose for the bedroom until a later post.)

 I ended up with a gallon of this light grey. 
 when I got ready to paint the office I had a custom mixed grey waiting for me for free!! 
Before I get a ton of requests for my paint color I guess I better name it!
Batchelor Grey!  
(Good luck finding that in the store!)
(I will try to find a close color match later.) 

I had just enough to finish the whole room!!! 
What do you think?
I'm in love!

And the first step was completely free!!!

I can't wait to show ya more. 
 I will tell you a little teaser about what I have planned.
 I want two whole walls of built in storage, 
dual work areas, 
and bright yellow accents!  
Leave a comment and tell me how much you think it will cost me!  
Thanks for stopping by!!


Rachel - The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill said...

Ronda, I love seeing a post from you pop up on my blogroll. You may not post often but you post good. :) I've been following you long enough that I'm gonna guess you achieved your makeover for $100 or less 'cause you're a whiz like that. :) Can't wait to see more!

dee dee said...

Knowing you my dear... the whole remake will be done for less than a dime! Love the color! It reminds me of the grey I have in my house (Revere Pewter)! Can't wait to see all your great summer projects!
dee dee

Les said...

Batchelor Grey? How clever to name your paint after my hair color. Love ya!

Emma said...

You always amaze me. You inspired meFTP mix my own paint. I got half a gallon of white from a friend, used up paint I had and bought 1 qt to darken it. Then I painted my huge basement. Fabulous! Your room looks great. I am guessing you spend less than $80 on your craft room. I can't wait to see your finished room.

LaurelK said...

I've mixed so many of my own custom colors over the years, whatevers left, add this add that. Can't wait to see what is next!