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Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Most Handsom 18 year old!

 I might be a little bias,
 but that's OK cause he's my son!!
These are some of his senior pictures from Whimsy Photography.
I think he is such a good looking guy, 
don't you?
But more than that I think he is growing into a man 
with great character and strong spirituality.
He is not perfect,
 I know that more than anyone,
 but he is a good kid.
I have one year left with him before he leaves on a two year mission for our church. 

He is such an amazingly talented kid young adult. 
I've shown his art work countless of times here on my blog, 
 and bragged about his acting and singing,
 but you probably don't know that he is very talented at the piano. 
Not only can he play but he can just sit down and make up beautiful songs.  
I'm excited to see how he uses all that talent in his life! 
I love you Austin!!! 
(Even if you make me feel old cause my oldest is now 18!!)
Will be posting more on my office soon and Nana's Day! 
Thanks for stopping by!  


Shannon said...

Love the grouping of photos! Thanks for recognizing me! :)

Sibel-ish said...

Happy Birthday Austin!

dee dee said...

Happy birthday Austin!
My son will turn 18 in April.... oh time flies!
dee dee