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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Office Redo - I think I'm Bob the Builder

Can I build it?

I can!!!

 This was my inspiration photo for how I wanted to store my papers. 
 Like scrap book paper, printer paper, graph paper, lined paper, etc.....
I wanted to store some 12x12 papers as well as standard size paper.

Les was really busy at work and I was impatient. 
(Remember how my entry way looks?
 So with Les' encouragement I decided I was going to build this cabinet myself. 
 Les drew up the plan and gave me some advise and said,
"Go forward my padawan!"
(That's Star Wars talk!)

I used 3/4" MDF for everything but the shelves. 
 I labeled all the pieces on the drawing and on each board as I cut them. 
 Labeling was so important because some pieces had grooves on both sides and some had grooves on only one side .  Once all the pieces were cut I took all the vertical pieces and made grooves so they would accept the shelves.
 I did this on my table saw.
  All vertical pieces were the same size so I just set the fence and ran all six pieces through on all sides that needed grooves.  Then I moved the fence over just a bit and did it again on all 6 pieces. About three passes and it was a thick enough groove to accept the 1/4 inch shelf.  

 I know they make dado blades for this, 
but it was after ten at night and I didn't have one. 
Nor did I want to spend money on one.

After I finished a groove I moved the fence 2 1/2 inches and did it all over again and again until I had done all four grooves on each piece.  It's important to do all pieces at the same time so each groove is in the exact same place on each board.  If they don't line up your shelf won't go in.

After that was done, it was  like midnight, so I went to bed. 
 But I went to bed happy and so tickled with what I had just done all by myself!!
The next day I tackled the horizontal pieces.  I needed the grooves to go through the middle section of the top and bottom pieces.  Because they were almost six feet long, they could not be cut on the table saw with the fence.  
So I turned to plan B. 
 I laid them side by side, clamped them together and drew the lines on them where I needed the grooves. 
(Line them up carefully so the shelves will line up latter.) 

Next, I got out my husband's trusty router and adjusted the bit to about half the depth of my board.  Then I measured from the bit to the edge (like the picture above), mine was 2 1/4".  Next I clamped down a straight edge 2 1/4" from my first line.  Then I just ran the router along my straight edge.
Let me just mention, 
I was scared! 
 I had no real experience with a router other than watching Les!  
"I can do this!" I told my self.
  I measured one more time took a deep breath 
(cause I then held my breathe through the whole cut!
and went for it.
After the first groove worked, my confidence soared.  
I learned just go slow and steady and keep slight pressure against your straight edge.

Like a proud mama here are my lovely grooves!!!
So impressed with my lines!!!

OK, back to earth. 
 Next, I put it together with glue and a nail gun. For the shelves we used bead board because it was on clearance. We bought 3 half sheets for $1.63 each, marked down from $10.98 each.  
That's a savings of $28.05!!
Here's what she looks like all built and ready to install!  I could not wait for Les to come home and see what I built!!
(He was very proud of his apprentice!)

Remember me saying I wanted to store different size papers?  
Well, I made the middle section deeper to accommodate 12x12 papers.  
This made the outer sections inset a little.  
Which allowed a space for  the cabinet to rest on the cleats we mounted to the wall.  
Hope that makes sense.  

Les helped me install it.
(Which took a little longer than anticipated because "someone" miscalculated.  We installed it to low the first time and had to take the whole thing down and redo install it a few inches higer!) 
Once in place we just screwed it to the cabinet walls on either side. 
About now I was so giddy with what I had built and how well it fit, Les could hardly stand me!  
Any whoo!
 It looks good to me but really not too beautiful yet! 
 Stick with me, it will get there!
You may notice in the picture below on the left the big empty spot below my paper sorter.  Originally we planned on building a desk by mounting a piece of MDF to two file cabinets.  But our search for used wood filing cabinets only produced poorly built overpriced crap. Most people wanted $20 or more.  We did not want to pay $40 and have to rebuild them to boot.  I just knew something would turn up.  And it did!  

On one of my visits to the Restore I stumbled upon this oak desk.  It was missing legs but it came with a glass top and two file drawers.  And drum roll please, it was only $14!!! The coolest part was it fit between the towers like a glove!   

Alright back to the paper sorter.  The last step was to paint the inside and all 22 shelves.  I had to paint them now because after the trim goes on, the shelves will no longer come out.  And painting would be impossible with them in place.

So that's what I, "Bob the Builder", built with my own two hands!!
Save the applause and just leave a comment.
Just kidding.
 If I can build it so can you!
It doesn't really look to impressive yet but it will get better.

Oh and I can't wait to show ya what we have been doing on Nana's Day!

 Thanks for stopping by!


Rachel @ The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill said...

Yes, it DOES look impressive. Even in it's unfinished state. Having worked with wood without the proper tools, I can appreciate all the work and perseverance this took. It looks awesome. Way to go, Ronda!

Feral Turtle said...

WOW!!! You did an awesome job. You will have so much storage for all your paper and probably mine too. You should be very very proud of yourself!

Jaye @ Just Trying to Make Cents of it All! said...

Great job! I'm so wanting to get into building furniture! Maybe that will be my 2013 goal!

the cape on the corner said...

that's awesome. you should feel super proud!

dee dee said...

Wow my friend! Way to go! You did it... (but I knew you could!)
love it!
dee dee

Emma said...

It looks amazing! I love reading about your good deals. I am sure you are anxious to be done and get your supplies organized. I love your "I can do it" attitude.

Shannon said...

Great job! I love this idea. I've been learning to build but haven't tried a router yet! You did a very professional looking job!

Cher-Ann Texter said...

Awesome! Looks great! Found you through Sawdust Girl's Sawdust Throwdown...

Cher @ Designs by Studio C

Val Fitzpatrick said...

Amazed at all of those straight lines you created with your router! Impressed and I cannot wait to see what is next!

Sawdust Girl said...

Amazzzzballs! You are amazing! That is amazing!

'nough said.

Anonymous said...

I only can say WOW! That is amazing! Your family must be very proud of you an of what you achive.
Best whishes and greetings from Austria! Jutta

luv2srap said...

Wow great job