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Monday, September 10, 2012

Office Redo - The Plan

Remember the Crap Room?
Well, now we are calling it my Office.
After painting,
 I had to get serious about how I was going to improve the storage and function of this room.  
Les and I discussed what "crap" would need to be stored in here. 
 I came up with a few basic floor plans, 
which Les and I whittled down to one.  
Here is the very rough sketch I made.
(That's how we roll.  Simple sketches scratched on whatever.)

 I started hunting KSL
 (local Craig's list)
for pieces of furniture I could use. 
 I found a giant shelving unit,
 but just before we were going to look at it sold!!!!!  
I was so bummed!!
 I eventually got over it and started hunting again. 
This time I found an oak entertainment center.  
(Yes, I forgot to take a picture!)
If you look below you will see a sketch of what it looked like. 
 It was basically three towers. 
 I bought them for $80.  
(I couldn't make it for that.)
 I decided to use the two outside towers and we put the middle one in the garage. 
(See below.)

Well here are the towers installed.
 Can you see it coming together?
#1 First we removed the carpet and pad where the built-ins were going to go.
#2 Then we had to remove the baseboards.  
We wanted a close fit so we used a dremel tool to cut it.
#3 I wanted the grey walls to show through the built-ins so we took off the back of the upper section.
#4 I think we laid this piece on it side and then stood it back up 5 or 6 times. 
 I was glad when it was in place.

now go back and look at #5. 
 Aren't you excited?  
Do you see my vision?
Well, let me show you my inspiration for what I want to build between those two towers. 

Are you in love with the inspiration picture? 
 Can't wait to show ya my version.
Do you think I'm crazy? 
 Just know it has to get worse before it gets better. 
 But it will get better.
Thanks for stopping by.


Marlayna B said...

Pretty! I'm sure it will look awesome.

Commercial Space Solutions said...

With all your mix and match, thorough planning, and creative ideas, no doubt about it! The results will be fabulous! Classy and very professional! :) Good luck!

Miller said...

Amazing design for office. I am sure you can make this office very pretty.