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Friday, September 21, 2012

Yeah he's that good!

Yeah, I'm talking about my son!
  He just celebrated his 16th birthday, so I just wanted to highlight him a little. 
 Let's start with the many faces of Jaysen!  
He is one talented Make-up artist.
He has been making himself and his siblings up for years now.
He is currently working at Fear Factory Haunted House as a make up artist at 16!

He is also a very talented artist in many other mediums.  
The collage below shows various projects and pictures he has done.
Yes, he is that good!!

He is also a "good" kid.
Kind and compassionate are two words I would use to describe him.

For his birthday he wanted to have a Luau Party like Austin did for his 16th.  
So here are a few pictures.   

Happy Birthday to my favorite 16 year old!!!

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Hi I'm Amanda said...

You are so blessed to have such a handsome and talented young man! Happy 16th birthday. His work is beautiful (scary and all)!

Andrea said...

Very talented! Sounds like a wonderful young man.

dee dee said...

Happy Birthday to your son! He could put the contestants on Face Off to shame! He has so much talent!
dee dee