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Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween is Coming Ready or Not!

I'm not ready for Halloween,
 but my family was.  
Last week for our family night activity we decided to put up our Halloween decorations.  What this means is we haul "all" our Halloween boxes full of decorations down from the shelves in the garage, and everyone gets excited as they see their favorite decorations come out.  
We listen to our spooky Halloween music and I tell the little kids which decorations they can have for their rooms.  We set decorations all over the tables and counters. 
 It's a fun time and then everyone goes to bed.  
The next day I get up,
 send everyone off to work and school, 
then spend the whole day putting that spooky stuff somewhere!  
 I put off all my plans and put up Halloween decor!! 
Even though I wasn't ready for this day,
(I mean I had lots on my to do list)
 the memories my kids have from this experience drives me to do it. When I hear them telling their friends on the phone about our way cool decorations or bring the whole neighborhood on a tour of our haunted house, 
I know it's all worth it. 
This year I decided to break out of my mold and move things around.  I decided to take a risk and put all the small glass jars on a tray on the coffee table. 
 What risk you might ask? 
 The risk that my children young and old won't know them off and break them while they are wrestling or dancing around the room.
(Yes, both are very common occurrences.)
But so far they are all still in one piece.
They are just different jars I have collected, filled with colored water, and added spooky labels to.  In the pictures they all look blue, but only one is blue the others are purple and a blackish color. 

This is the entry room table I love the glass dome I found last year at DI. 
 It fit's perfectly over our light up skull.  

On the mantel I decided to group most of our stone like decorations.  And I added these paper bats.  I've seen these all over Pinterest.  
My kids thought they were the coolest thing.


That's just the best parts, we kinda go all out.  The hallway is lined with those hologram pictures, the kitchen shelves are transformed to wicked lab shelves and our yard is littered with tomb stones. 
 Does anyone else love Halloween as much as my family?
Anyway, I am now free to work on my projcets Halloween costumes.  
 I'll show ya latter how a trip to DI shaved hours off my costume making time.
Thanks for stopping by!!  

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Hubby said...

I think the bats are the coolest too. I also think you should show everyone our cool new candles and tell them how they were created. And what about the Chandelier? There's so much stuff.

awal.ny said...

Our family goes all out too. Usually we have an annual adult costume party, but this year I am doing one for the kids and they are out of their minds excited. I am coming back to see more of your home after work. Love the mantel.