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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nana's Day - Fireplace Redo

I had such great response on Nana's new room,
 I could hardly wait to show ya her new fireplace.  
 this is where we started.
Dated, ugly, fake brown rock and wood burning fireplace.  
With brown hearth stones. 
Take a good look cause it will not resemble this much at all.  

We decided to completely take out the fireplace and had it replaced with a gas fireplace. 
 This would make it much easier for Nana to use.
 Just flip a switch. 
All we had to do was rip it out!

Let the demo begin!
 My sister and I are quite the workers!!!

After ripping all that off we had kind of a mess!!
We cleaned up and painted the fireplace wall Serious Gray by Olympic.
We let the fireplace guys come in and install the new fireplace and and electrician run the wiring for two new sconces. 
Once that was all done we installed the tiles for the fireplace surround. 
 Sadly we didn't take any pictures of this.  
The tile we bought at Lowe's.  
It's a mosaic tile of marble and grey and white glass pieces. 
 It was such a small area we used a product called Bondera.  
It's sticky paper that you stick to the wall and then stick the tiles to it. 
 It is way less messy that thinset and you can immediately grout.  

For the actual mantel we had our favorite cabinet guy make it, 
Jeff from Copper Canyon Design
We always love his work!

After everything was installed and in place we turned our attention to the hearth stones. 
 Remember they were brown. 
 Rather than try to replace them we decided to faux paint them.  
They were actually made of cement, 
so we started out by priming them with a concrete primer.  
After two coats of primer we painted them white.  
Then Arlene and I just started playing with grey and white paint, 
a sponge, 
and small paint brushes. 
 We ended up with a pretty decent faux marble hearth.  
(I have to admit Arlene was much better at the veining than I.)

The sconces flank the mirror above the fireplace. 
 About four years ago I convinced Nana to by these "pineapple looking" light fixtures that were on clearance at Lowe's.  
At the time we were planning on using them in her bedroom.  
But plans changed and they were just taking up space in her basement.  
Truth be told, I am supper glad we used them in her front room.  
They really play with the light, it's beautiful.

    The mirror was a DI find which we painted white for our little remake. 
With no further ado here is the fireplace before and after in all her glory!!  
What do ya think? 
 I love it! 
And more importantly so does Nana!

I'm kinda of jealous of how great her room is turning out. 
 It's so pretty and functional now!!!
Don't you just want to come visit?

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Feral Turtle said...

Wow That looks fantastic. As much as I liked the rock, It looks so clean and fresh without. Good Job!!

Emma said...

I love the new wood mantel and surround. The white is very crisp and clean. The sconces are so pretty. Great job!

Cristina Garay said...

Wow! That was a big job and you girls did it so well! I love the new white fireplace, the -marble- looks great too!

dee dee said...

You work wonders! I just love the way the new fireplace just pops in the room!
Looks fantastic!
dee dee

Stephanie said...

Wow, it looks so different--and wonderful!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness! This looks fantastic! Wanna come do my house? :P