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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nana's Day - Adventures in Painting

I really don't mind painting,
 but when your walls are 12 feet tall on all four sides it can really become a pain! 
 Up and down, and up and down the ladder can get old real fast.  
 at Nana's we tag teamed it.  
One on the ladder and one dipping the roller!  
  It took about two days to paint it all including the hallway and stair well. 
But we got her done!!!
The new color was a very slight color change,
but the grey base worked much better with the other elements in the room. 
 The old color was waaaayyyy too yellow. 
(Looked worse in real life!  Trust me!)
 a fresh coat of paint always does wonders for a room.
Nana's house originally had wood trim.  
To get a fresher more crisp look we gave her the lovely assignment of priming and painting all the baseboards and door trim white!  
She did a splendid job!!  
The painting was almost done when I convinced Nana to let me paint the back of her front door the same grey as the fireplace wall. 
It was just so blah and the grey really gave it depth.
(I'll show the finished door later in this post.)
 I love it!! 

Next we tackled the window coverings. 
 She started out with off white shears and honeycomb type blinds. The biggest problem was they only covered the 7' windows and not the higher set of windows. They also looked dated.  
We left the blinds in place since they worked well and were in a brownish grey color.  
(You can't see the blinds when they are up. but they help with privacy at night.
 To add drama and draw your eye up ward we made dummy curtain panels that went floor to ceiling. 
 We mounted them on these short rods we got at the Restore for $3
 for a group of 6 or 7 I think. 
They were already the perfect wood tone! 
 The fabric we ordered online from Fabric.com and I love it!!!!
As promised, here is a view of the painted front door and new tall curtain panel.  
Both add drama in a calm way!
(Sorry for the dark picture, better ones to come at the reveal.)
What do ya think? 
Are you just loving the colors in this room?   
Is that great material or what?

OK, before I get all giddy, I have one more change to show you today. 
 Remember our plan on my first post about this room?  
It called for 5 chairs. 
 Here they are.
(Scroll down to see, I got to talkative.)
  She had the smaller pink one already, 
bought the two green striped ones at DI, 
and the other two pink ones off KSL sales
(local Craig's list).

Just a shameless plug for my husband and his many talents. 
 Part way through our project one of the chair's legs broke off.
  Like missing a piece broke off,
 can't sit on it broke off. 
 Les to the rescue.  
He added a new piece and literally sanded and reshaped a new leg! 
 It was amazing! 
 I have no pictures cause he doesn't always remember I need before shots! 
 But he is amazing none the less. 
OK back to our regular scheduled post.

 They were all well built comfy chairs, only a little on the ugly side.  
Not to mention they didn't really coordinate.  We thought about getting them recovered, but that cost more than buying new chairs.  
And Nana didn't want to spend that much. 
...we bought stretch slipcovers in black and blue.
It may seem weird that we bought two colors but I think it works in the end, just stick with me.
This arrangement of 5 chairs has been our best idea by far.  
It makes this awkward space work!!

Just two or three more projects before the reveal of the whole room,
 I can't wait to show you what my son Austin did for this room!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Feral Turtle said...

Looking good! I love your chair placement. It kinda looks like you're sitting around a campfire. Cute! Cheers.

dee dee said...

Wow Rhonda,
Looks fantastic! I love the new color and the curtains are beautiful!
dee dee

Emma said...

I love the paint color and fabric. It is so calming.

Cristina Garay said...

Oh Rhonda! I can picture myself in that first pic! :) I need to paint my bedroom ceiling, one side is pretty height, I've been postponing that task for almost 3 months. Great tip on how to paint it!
I love the choices you've taken. Those curtain panels look awesome and the colors perfect! Can't wait for reveal time!