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Friday, November 23, 2012

Nana's Day - Piano Bench

Just a few more projects 'till the grand reveal of Nana's front room. 
 I'm so excited.
  I really love how it is turning out.

Today, I want to share how we dressed up her piano bench.  Nana's piano was staying in the room, a big hunk of dark wood.  To soften it up we decided to cover the top.  We used some foam she already had and attached it to the top with spray glue.  It was not quite thick enough so we added a thin green layer of foam on top of the first with spray glue.  Next, we took some of the fabric left over from the curtains, stretched it and stapled it right to the underside of the piano bench.

To finish it off we added silver nail heads. 
 These are the same nails I used on my office chair, check that out here.  
As promised I'll show you how I spaced them out.  
First, I had my ever trusty assistant aka Nana!!
Aren't we a cute mother daughter team?
OK, I'm getting off the subject.
I used a piece of graph paper.  I decided how many squares apart looked good to me and then counted the squares and made a small hole in the graph paper.  Then I lined up the graph paper on the edge of the bench and marked a dot through the hole onto the fabric.  Black permanent marker worked best for me.  
Once the dots were all done I grabbed some needle nose pliers to hold the nail in place on the dot and hammered it in.  A rubber mallet works best.  But if you don't have one like Nana, you can use a hammer just be gentle.

I am loving how it turned out.  
I already loved this material,
 but it helps soften the dark piano and pull the grays to this side of the room.  

What do you think?  

I also wanted to give you a sneak peak at what we have planned for the art work.
Nana's front room really has only three walls. One wall is covered mostly with windows, the second with the fireplace and piano, but the third wall was just a huge empty space. 
 We were going to cover it with wood trim in a geometric pattern, something like this.

 In the end we opted for art work instead.  
But with such a big wall it had to be big. 
I pictured something like this picture below.

Big art costs big money!  
So I started searching.  
One day I ran across these 26" x 24" framed art work at the Restore. 
 I'm sure they were from a hotel or something.  
We picked up 6 of them for $30.  
You can't buy frames this size for $5 each. 

I'm sure you guessed that we spray painted them silver.  
 We cut out paper templates that we could move around the wall until they were perfectly positioned.  
I said this was a sneak peak! 
 I'm not going to show you what the artwork looks like until the room reveal.  But I will tell you it's original art work by one of my sons!     
Your going to love it!
 But your also going to have to wait to see it!
Thanks for stopping by!

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dee dee said...

Tease, Tease Tease! Can't wait to see the while room! Love those big frames (I wish I had some here... I have a project I could use them for too!) Wonderful bench!
Keep up the fantastic work!
dee dee

MaryBeth said...

The grometts on the bench make it extra special. I love it.