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Monday, November 5, 2012

Office Redo - painting

Finally getting around to the painting!!
First, let me show you a little fix we did on the desk drawers. 
 Originally I was going to make my own desk out of two wood file cabinets, but the desk I found was in much better condition and cheaper.  The bottom drawers on each side were just the right size for files but there was no hardware for the file folders to glide on.  Les and I put our brain power together, and came up with this great use of some cove trim I had picked up at the Restore.  We mounted it right to the drawer with short brads.  I sanded them just a touch.  
Works pretty darn good!!

Next, I tackled the desktop. 
 I started out with blond oak, but I wanted a very dark stained wood. 
 I figured I would have to take the stain and varnish off with some stripper.  
 Then I did some research on the internet and found multiple places where they said you could use gel stain right over the top of the existing finish.  I decided it was worth a try.  First, I taped off the top of the desk and then cleaned it with some TSP.  Then I did a light sanding and wiped it down with TSP. 
 So far so good!  
Then I got a paint brush and started brushing it on.  I used Minwax Gel Stain in Red Elm.  I had never use gel stain before and let me say it is thick.  You have to stir it before you can use it.  I worked from the back to the front finishing one long section at a time. My instructions from the internet said to wipe it off next.  I had decided to do the entire top first before I wiped it.  
 when I got ready to wipe it it was a big sticky mess.
 I calmly decide what to do.  
I freaked out thinking I had just ruined it. 
 In my chaotic state I decided to just let it dry. 
 It took a few days to dry to the point where it wasn't sticky when you touched it. 
 (Note: Keep all children away at this point.  Or every child will come in an touch it and leave their fingerprints in the sticky mess as they say, "Is this dry?"  And you may have to threaten them with bodily harm if they don't stay out of your room.

After it dried I had this ugly desk top, which my neighbors were kind enough to say looked just fine. But I was not happy with it, it was not what I had envisioned in my head. 
 My options were to
 sand it off and start again 
 try a second coat.  
A second coat was easier so I went with it. 
 Below shows you what it look liked after the first coat dried.  

And here it is after the second coat!! Success!! 
This is the deep rich wood tone I had envisioned!!!
Lesson learned: 
(I think I keep taking a class on  this!)

Anyway, next I applied to coats of Minwax water-based Polyacrylic in Clear Satin.  
I love how it turned out! 
What do you think?
Not to bad for a $14 desk! 

Now for the real painting, painting and painting!!! 
 That's how it felt. 
 I was painting over black and stained furniture so I opted for a more expensive  primer.  I used Valspar Bonding Primer.  It said it had maximum adhesion, ultimate stain blocker and enamel undercoat.  I lightly sanded all surfaces before priming.  Theses pictures show before, after two coats of primer, and last of all two coats of paint. 
 Looking good?
I used Better Homes and Garden paint by Glidden in semi-gloss Cotton White. 
 I added Floetrol, a paint additive that helps eliminate brush marks.   
And I painted and painted and painted. 
 Did I already mention how much I painted?
After everything in the room was painted I started on all the doors and shelves.  
Two coats primer and two coat paint.  
I replaced the slim plain gold handles with nickle cup pulls.  I decide to use the original gold hinges since they were in good shape.  I just spray painted them silver.

Next I had to address the black shelves with the texture trim, 
(see below)  
We opted to add a piece of trim right over the old trim.  
We had to make a few new shelves. 
 Once they were all painted they all looked the same.

Les didn't want the carpet under the built-in's so we cut it back.  
We have never laid carpet but decided to try and re-stretch this carpet.  
Les did some research on the internet, then off he went to The Home Depot to rent a carpet stretcher.  
While he was gone I was told to staple the pad back in place. 
 He returned and started stretching the carpet.
  He did a wonderful job.  
 After it was done we have decided we would still leave carpet laying to the professionals, 
but we would tackle a small job like this again.  
Les' advice: 
 1.  It hurts your knees!!
2.  Don't cut the carpet off until after it's stretched.
3. Rent the funky tool for cutting the carpet off after it's stretched.
(Any old box cutter is not the same!) 

After it was all painted I added  these little bumper pads to all the doors. 
 I got them at the Restore for free!!!
  It was all looking pretty good. 
 Remember my issues with the base trim?  
 The pictures below shows the piece of trim I made and how the two base trims came together. 
 I think they turned out pretty darn good.

Here she is all painted!!  
What do you think?  
So much storage!!!  
I'm loving it.  
I'm working on fill it all up with craft supplies!!

At this point I've spent just under $500.  
If I were to buy unfinished cabinets at Lowe's or Home Depot it would have cost at least $2,000 plus paint to paint them.
 I'll take the over $1500 savings.
 Does it look like a modge podge or custom built in's.  
Paint truly unifies things.
I can't wait to show you all the details and projects I'm working on for this room!!
Thanks for stopping by!



Emma said...

Your room looks great. The paint unified all your different pieces. Painting is so much work but is worth it in the end. I really like the desk top color. Awesome job on only spending $500!!!

Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

I can't stop leaving comments all over your blog. Your work is incredible!

T said...

You are definitely one ambitious lady! It looks absolutely fabulous! Where do you live in Utah? I used to live in Salt Lake County (my parents still live in Utah County) and I used KSL/DI all the time, but never heard of this "Restore" place. I need my dad to go check this place out and ship me some goodies!

Flexible Workspaces Specialists said...

Two thumbs up for the painting job! :) Happy working!