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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Musicals the Batchelors Way

Despite the fact that I can't really sing, my boys seem to be able to sing well. 
 They get that talent from their Dad!! 
He sings wonderfully!!! 
I might be able to claim they get their acting abilities from me. 
(I was quite the actress in High school.  Just not a singer!!)
In all actuality they are just talented in their own right!  
Anyway back to my original reason for this post!!  
Last month we enjoyed the boy's performances in the Junior High and High School musicals.  
They spent long hard hours after school for two to three months in rehearsals. 
This is Quinton's second year.  They performed High School Musical Jr.  He was a little disappointed not to get a lead role. 
 (It didn't help that he was sick as a dog during his try outs.)  
But he did great and really got to show off his awesome break dancing during the dance sequences. 
 I can't believe how grown up he is starting to look.     

The High School put on Twelve Dancing Princesses.  I had never heard of it, it was written by some local play writes. We weren't sure what to expect, but it was very entertaining and humorous.
  Jaysen played one of the comical guards.  He did a fantastic job at making a small part be very memorable.  He has a real talent at this acting thing. 

It's always a little sad when the musicals are over, 
but we love having our boys back home more often instead of at rehearsals.
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