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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nana's Day - Living Room Decorating Revealed

Finally is time to revel Nana's new living room!!
Here's a peak!

We have to go back to the beginning before we can appreciate the end.   
Here's a reminder of what it looked like when we started!!

Here's the front window wall,

and the fireplace wall.

Close up of that old fireplace!

Last of all the half wall by the stairs.

Now, lets start our tour of the new space with that awesome art work I said was coming!!
Remember these old frames from the Restore?  
Spray paint and new chunky white mats turned them into great display venues for my son Austin's artwork.  Nana decided she wanted birds, so Austin drew four different birds on grey tone paper with colored pencils.  

I think they are wonderful!
  (I may be a little bias.)
 Nana loves having original artwork from her grandson to enjoy each day!!
My favorite bird is the one on the top right.  
Nana's favorite is the bottom right. 
 Which one is your favorite?
All of them are amazing pieces of art, 
if you think they would look great on your wall he is selling prints of them. 
 E-mail me if you are interested or interested in having some original artwork commissioned by him. Go check out his blog, Austin B's Art, to see more of his work.

All right enough bragging on my talented off-spring!  
Let's step back and take a look at that whole side of the room.  
We had the light fixture lowered and swagged over so it would be centered over the new round ottoman, which is covered with a white fur throw!!   Yah, touch of the unexpected. 
All the chairs now covered in slip covers look comfy and inviting.  
Which they are.  
This room is so engaging for conversations with two, three, four, or five people.  It's calm and relaxing yet intriguing.  The extra tall curtains give drama to the space and balance the fireplace wall.     

I hate reading before and after posts on blogs and in the end feel like I never really got to see the whole room.  I want to see how the room is really laid out.  
(Weird and nosy, I know)  
That being said we will just rotate around the room in these pictures so you can see the whole thing!!

Check out this post about the piano bench if you missed it.

I'm still loving her fireplace,  
and so does she.  
Not only is it prettier, but it is more functional.  
With the flip of a switch she has a roaring fire.  
Don't forget our faux marble hearth. 
 (Go here to see how we did it.)

As your eyes cruz on past the fireplace you can see the new banister that replaced the half wall.  Gorgeous!

Nana has a tradition of displaying all her grand kid's current pictures.  We thought about putting them in the stair well, but realized Nana would not be able to reach them to change the pictures.  
Instead we chose this spot just past the stairs.  There used to be an extremely small linen closet in this space.  We took that out during the bathroom remodel.  This new flat surface proved to be the perfect spot to showcase her grand kidos.  We use Command Velcro picture hanging strips.  These make it easy to line up each picture, keep them from getting knocked crooked, and easy to take down and replace the picture.

We added some vinyl words on the angled wall to the left.  Makes a complete group.  
All the kids on the left are mine and all the kids on the right are my sisters.  

Last of all is this little hallway.
  It was painted a dark blue and seemed very small.  The light colored paint really brightened things up.  

Here are a few side by side before and afters, just to help you visualize.   

There you have it!  
We are done with it!  
Wait, I lied.  
We are done for now.  
We actually bought some tile to redo the entry way with.  But we are going to wait till it warms up next spring to break out the old wet saw.  
I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the new space.

What do you think of the room? 
Do you like it as much as Nana?  
'Cause she loves it.  
It definitely is modern, clean, and crisp feeling.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Jessica said...

Love it!

Pine Tree Home said...

Great space and a job well done!

Unknown said...

LOVE IT!!! You amaze me Ronda :) You are so talented!

Unknown said...

LOVE IT!! You amaze me Ronda :) You are so talented!!

Cristina Garay said...

Amazing transformation! My favorites are the fireplace and the new banisters, the whole space looks just beautiful!

dee dee said...

Wow... what a fresh transformation! Love the colors, what an inviting place to to spend with friends and family! And knowing you... you and your sister did this on a very small budget! Love the new art work! I think your favorite is mine too!
dee dee

g.t. said...

I like the wall of grandchildren and your son's artwork.

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous living room! Love the sophisticated color palette! :)


Emma said...

The room is fabulous! It was fun to see the hallway too. You and your sister are so sweet to help your mom!