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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Office Redo - Close the Curtains

It's back!  My forever project 
The Office/Craft Room.
Yes, I am still working on it! 
If you can't remember this long journey here are links to each part so far! 

Today I wanted to share my new curtains for the space.
If you remember from my last post, I ended up using my sunny yellow table cloth on the chair instead of for my curtains.  I was back to square one.  After lots of searching on the internet and every store I went in, I just couldn't find material that I really liked and could afford!  Finally, I found a shower curtain at Target that I thought would work.  It was on sale for $18.99.  It was wide enough to cover my window but about a foot and a half short.  So I went through my stash of material and found some white cotton and then bought some grey grosgrain ribbon.  I cut the white cotton the same width as the shower curtain and about 24" tall.  I hemmed the edges and bottom side and left the top edge unfinished.  I sewed it right on top of the shower curtain about a half inch from the bottom.  Then I placed the ribbon over the raw edge of the white cotton material. Once it was pinned I just sewed down both edges of the ribbon.  
Easy peasy!!
I added a second row of ribbon about two inches down, 
it just made it look better to me!     

 I originally planned on using one shower curtain.  And cut my completed new panel right down the middle.  
it just didn't look full enough for me.  So I had to sew it back together by hand carefully matching the pattern back together.  Then I ran back to Target bought another shower curtain, lucked out in finding a very close match to my white cotton material.
(Because I had no more of the original scrap of white.)
And whipped out a second curtain panel.  
Yes, being frugal does have it's drawbacks! 
 But in the end I like how it turned out.     

I used the existing curtain rod, which I bought about five years ago on clearance from Lowe's .  It was black, but I painted it silver.  I used curtain rings with clips at the bottom and I easily clipped them to the top of the shower curtain.  Even though I have blinds on this window I use the curtains to help block the afternoon sun.  They work great and I think they look pretty good! 
 Functional and beautiful!
 I'm a geek for that combo!! 
It just makes me giddy!

It's really hard to photograph windows.  
And the best picture I got has Ozzie's head in it!!  
Oh well that's my life!! 
All together these curtains cost about $45.  
That's $22.50 per 5' x 8' panel.  
I can live with that.

What do you think about my curtains? 
Please tell my they don't look like a giant shower!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Jessica said...

I like ' em! I should come see them...after Christmas.

Unknown said...

these are really cute! I never thought to use a shower curtain, I have seen so many shower curtains at the store that I would much rather have hanging in a different room in my house!!