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Thursday, December 27, 2012

What the heck did I do in 2012

I went back over the last year's posts and was surprised by all the fun we had this last year.
Here's what I found that I did.
Completed two full rooms.  
First was the Pirate Room!  
This was a labor of love and turned out better than I pictured.
Go check out the reveal here if you missed it.
Or click on the label Pirate Room to follow the whole process.
(Warning this could take awhile!)

Second room completed was Nana's living room.  
Nana's rooms take a little longer to complete 'cause we basically work on them only on Wednesday, Nana's Day. 
You can check that reveal out here
 Or once again follow along under the label Nana's Day.  

We also started lots of projects like our
 master bedroom.
(got pushed aside for office redo)

Kids work space and costume storage.
(started due to the flood in our basement)

And the Office redo, 
(which we started due to the sale of our computer desk at our garage sale).
This is the only project I have posted about.  
You can see our progress here or by clicking on the label Office.

Looking back I see I was able to accomplish new skills and talents.  
The Pirate Room was published in This Old House Magazine.  
That was really exciting.

I began to try building projects on my own.
 I started in the pirate Room with this simple cabinet.

Soon, I graduated to building this paper sorter.  
I'm pleased with my new skills and plan on pushing myself even further this next year.

I also tried my hand at upholstery on my chair in the office.  
Go here to check it out. 
 I'm really happy with the results and have a few more pieces already lined up for me to work on.  

Last of all I reached a mile stone in life. 
 My first child graduated from High School! 
 (Yeah, I'm that old!)

In between all of that I've spent countless hours 
listening to my kids, 
assisting the kids in their projects, 
playing games, 
giving medicine, 
being a taxi service, 
going to urgent care, 
going to church, 
and wiping away tears
(my own as well as others.)  
Even though I often don't feel I have much to show for all these hours, 
they are my finest accomplishments of this year.  
I have learned how to be a better mother, 
and person 
this year because of my family.  
Thank you to my Heavenly Father who gave them all to me to teach me exactly what I need to learn.  
As always my first calling is that of Mother and Wife!  

Thank you for following me on my DIY blogging adventures.
Hope ya stick with me this next year!  
Thanks for stopping by.

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