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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kids Crafts Ideas, Better Know As the Best Present Ever!

I know Christmas is past 
but I couldn't post this before Christmas or it would ruin the surprise for Daddy! 
 This post shows ya kids can do wonderful things.

One day Branden wanted to know if he could have this old door hinge and some scraps of wood.  After playing around with them he asked if I could cut the scraps of wood to the same size as each other.  
So I did. 
 Then he tried nailing it together. 
 After the first nail I suggested we use screws and he agreed.  Together we attached the hinge and wood.  
He was so pleased and wanted to give it to Daddy for Christmas.  
I suggested he paint it and add some pictures of himself.  So Branden picked out some paint and painted the blocks.  
We then sat down at the computer and he picked out what pictures he wanted.  On the front picture we added words which stated what he loved about Daddy.  We printed out the pictures on our computer and he cut them out and we glued them on his project!  
It turned out so cute.
 I love the half painted hinge and the one nail that he pounded a million times to get it all the way in.  Dad loves it and thinks it is one of the best Christmas presents he has ever gotten!! 
  Kids can do such wonderful things!
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