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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Office Redo - Custom Ceiling Fan Blades

Back to the office!! Today I want to show how I added some interest to my ceiling fan.
I know that ceiling fans aren't exactly popular now days; everyone takes them down and puts up some beautiful light fixture.  But this room gets all the afternoon sun during the summer, spring and fall, and it just plain old gets hot in there.  So the ceiling fan is really necessary! 
 I originally bought this fan for $3 and painted the blades black. 
 You can read about that adventure here
 The next two photos show you how it looked.  

It really didn't look too bad, but I wanted to change it up. 
1. I spray painted all the blades Krylon Classic Gray in gloss.
  I wanted the gloss so it would be easier to clean.
2.  I got this great template from Jones Design Company.
 (Go here to see her post and get a free template.)
I printed it out and traced it and cut it out of cardboard.  
Then I traced the out line on the fan blades.
3. I just painted the lines with a small craft brush and light gray craft paint.

I'm so loving this small change!!  

Here's a before and after.

Tell me what you think?
I've finished my pin board and will show ya that next! 
 I ended up taking it in a different direction than my original plan.
Can't wait to show you!  
Thanks for stopping by!


Emma said...

The fan looks really nice. I like the grey much better than the black. The design is so cool. Awesome job!

Cristina Garay said...

I love it! Not as drastic as the black against the white ceiling and the design is fun! Paint transformations are the best!

Celeste Batchelor said...

Nice! I would've never thought to paint a design.

Jenna said...

So clever! I am usually not a ceiling fan person, but this looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

Sooner Laura said...

I've noticed how everyone seems to dislike ceiling fans these days in the blog world. No apologies here in Texas, ceiling fans are a necessity. My husband would absolutely put his foot down if I ever suggested taking down our fans. My house has six. You found a way to make yours unique - kudos!

Unknown said...

What a cool Idea ! this I am doing in my daughters room !
Thanks so much for posting this

Lori said...

I LOVE this! Any regrets using gloss paint? I saw on another tutorial that you shouldn't use it because it will cause glare. Like you, I thought it would be easier to clean and would prefer to use gloss rather than flat.

Unknown said...

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