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Monday, February 25, 2013

Did I Mention How Much I Love My Kids?

I love my kids,
 each and every one of them. 
 But today I want to dote on my birthday boy Quinton!! 
I call him my Doctor DoLittle.
  He has a great love of all animals and really has some sort of connection with them.  If he didn't have such a mean mom we would literally have a zoo at our house.  Right now he has to be happy with his two salamanders and taking care of his big brother's Madagascar cockroach.
(He bugs me daily to let him get some frogs,  
but I said not until you can keep your room clean!!)  
He is getting taller this year. I suspect he will pass me in height, he checks almost weekly. 

 I have always loved his blue, blue eyes. 
 (Got them from his grandparents as Les and I both have dark brown eyes.)
He is turning into a handsome guy! 
I love his smolder picture below!!  
Watch out girls!!  
Really, I had to laugh during our photo shoot cause he would not smile, he would just smirk. 
 He has decide he doesn't like his teeth. 
 I did manage to get one shot out of 40 with a small toothy smile.
 (see bottom corner photo)

Quinton is beginning to mold himself into who he wants to become. 
 He, like his older brothers, is a talented artist.  He is starting to define his artistic style.  
He also loves acting and is on his school improv team. 
 I can't say how much I love this kid.  Looking at his pictures almost makes me tear up!!  
Happy Birthday Quinton!!!

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Rachel said...

Very handsome! "Watch out girls" is right. :)

Cristina Garay said...

He is such a HANDSOME young man! I love his blue eyes! Happy Birthday, Quinton!

At least he is fine with you taking pictures and posting them! My kids do not like that at all!