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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Easy Valentines for my Kids

Happy Valentines!!!

Today is all about the ones you love!
 Every year I try to give just a little something to my kids.  This year I made these easy paper boxes.  If you want you still have time to make some today for your Valentine! 
 I saw a picture of this and decided "I could make that".
  So let me show you what I did.

1. I made a template by making a square. 
 Mine was a 3" square.  
Then I drew triangles on all four sides. 
 Next I drew round flaps on the sides of the triangles. 
After my template was made I just traced it on scrap book paper and cut them out.
2.  Next I folded each triangle toward the center.
3.  Then I lined up a straight edge with the the corners of each triangle.
4. I then folded the flap up against the straight edge.
5.  Repeat these steps for all four sides.
6.  Next punch a small hole in the tip of each triangle.
7. Fold it all up so it looks like a pyramid.
8.  Run ribbon through the holes at the top and fill with candy. 
9. Pull the ribbon tight and tie a bow!

They were so simple and easy to make.
  I like to personalize it, so I wrote each child a special note and attached it to the ribbon. 
 I finished it off by stamping it with a number on the front of the note. 
 I have six kids, so each number corresponds to their birth order!  

I hope your day is filled with LOVE!

On this special day I would like to honor my lovely Sister-in-law who past away two days ago from cancer. She was the first sister-in-law I had and she loved me from day one.  She is loved by many and  will truly be missed. 
 I'm so thankful for the knowledge that we can be with our loved ones again after this life. 
 (Click on the Photo on my side bar to know more of what I believe.)
We love you Suzy!  

Thanks for stopping by!

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Cristina Garay said...

So cute! They would be a good treat for school parties too! Happy Valentine's day, Ronda!