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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Big Bad Branden!

My baby is 8!!  
How can that be? 

 Seems like he was just born. 
 We thought we were done after having the twins, but after we got rid of the cribs and all baby stuff we felt there was one more.  
And we were right. 
 I can not imagine life with out our Branden!!!  

He is so much fun. 
 He is showing signs of being a promising actor, just like his siblings. 
 Last spring he was the big bad wolf in his class production. 
 He loved it and did a great job!  
He is also very smart, his teacher has rave reviews about him at each parent teacher conference. 
 She also is quick to point out how well liked he is by the kids. 
 He is nice, especially to one particular friend named Annie.  She is a special needs girl who also goes to our church.  Branden loves her and often walks with Annie and her mom from school and he pushes Annie around in her wheel chair at church.  The two seem to have a great connection.  
In our church kids get baptized at 8 years old.  Branden was  super excited that he and Annie will be sharing there baptism day! 
 He is a great kid, Happy Birthday Branden!!

I finished the details in the office and just need to go buy a rug tomorrow, 
then I promise the Office Reveal!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Bonnie said...

Hi Ronda. After you commented on my blog I had to stop by and visit. And I find out we're neighbors! Love your posts and that bathroom remodel is amazing. You are one talented family.