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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pin Board Rustic Style

Remember back in March when I worked on Dream on a Dime in conjunction with the Home Show?  They loved my pin board I made for the office, and wanted me to create one for Susie, the single mom who we were helping.

Well, I'm finally getting around to showing you what I made for her.  Susie's style is a little more rustic and warm than my office, and I wanted to match that a little more. 
 So I went on the hunt for a frame and
 I found this lovely wood frame at DI. 
It is not as big as mine due to the amount of space Susie had to hang it. 

I spray painted the frame off white and put a dark brown glaze on it.  I love how it sunk into all the dings and dents on this old frame.  I used some brown burlap like material to cover the cork board and added some cute labels similar to mine made from decorative paper scraps.   

I put this together for less than $20. 
 I just wanted to show you how you can make these pin boards cheaply and in almost any style, from almost any frame.  I'd love to see yours if you make one. 
Send me a link in the comments or an e-mail.
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Celeste B. said...

Nice! I'm looking for frames to make a magnet calendar and a magnet board for little ones to put their art work on. I either don't have the eye that you do or can't find what I'm looking for lately.