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Friday, April 5, 2013

Spray Paint to my Organizing Rescue

In my new office/craft room I really needed some organized storage,
 but you know how I love my organization to also look pretty!!
So today I wanted to show you a few things that help my office run smoothly.
 Of coarse I bought them used and spray painted them, what else would you expect?

 First up is my little desktop organizer.
 When I first laid eyes on this black plastic thing I knew it would be great in some awesome color.  It was going to be yellow or white up until the last minute.
 I looked around the room and wanted just a bit more aqua, so I sprayed it the same blue as my vintage stool.  I use it to keep stamps, receipts, mailing labels, scratch paper and Post-it notes handy.
 I also covered a manila folder with colorful scrapbook paper and use it to keep papers for current events or projects.  Such as bids or receipts for on line orders until they arrive.
I love the bright pop of color on my desk.

Next up is this old metal file box.
 I actually bought it and it's twin about 16 years ago at a garage sale.
 I decided it was time for a new paint job; that tan color just wasn't doing it for me.
 I love it's new buttery yellow coat.
But, as I said, I like it to be functional as well as beautiful.
I've used them to store lots of different things over the years.
 So what am I storing in it now?
One side is used to organize my cards.
 I like to keep cards on hand for different occasions.
 This keeps me from having to run to the store so often.
I have them filed by category like birthday, baby shower, or wedding.
 The other side organizes my small scrap paper.  Any scrapbook paper that's big enough to use for card making I keep here and file it by color.

Last organizing project is my thread drawer. 
 I don't sew as much as I use to but I still pull out the old sewing machine for mending, curtains, bed linens, oh and Halloween costumes.  
Anyway I used the top two drawers on one side of the built-in desk for sewing. 
 For my thread I just cut down my old spool holder to fit my drawer and attached it. 
 It works great!!  

That's just a little of my organizing fetish.   
 Thanks for stopping by!

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PneumaticAddict said...

I LOVE your spool drawer! That is such a good idea. I really should organize my sewing stuff better. Maybe then I would use it more!

Unknown said...

LOVE the updates, All the colors look fabulous.