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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Hope your Mother's Day is going great!!
  I just wanted to take a minute today to tell you a bit about my mom!!!  
We often refer to her as Nana.  Once a week for the last four years, my sister and I have gone over to my moms and work on her house or just spent time with her.  If you click on the label Nana's Day you can check out all the projects we have done with her.  From her kitchen to her bedroom, we've pretty much redone the whole main level of her house.  But today I just wanted to share a little more about her. 
 Growing up I thought my mother was my hero.  I wanted to be like her in many ways.  She helped me find who I was as I was growing up. I remember how I use to try so hard to be like the soft sweet Melanie on Gone with the Wind.  One day I told her how I seem to fail at my goal, she calmly said, "Ronda you are more like Scarlet.  Be Scarlet with kinder attributes."  That was such and eye opener to me.
When she first met my future husband she knew I was going to marry him before I did.   She has always been there to help out when I brought a new baby home.  To this day she is ready to take one of my kids almost anywhere I need at a moments notice.
  (Which seems to happen way too often. Like when I have to take two or more kids in opposite directions.  Go figure. I only have six kids.  lol)  
She uses her skills from being a teacher/educator and helps tutor my kids, which has saved my sanity.  She is an awesome teacher and a spiritual giant.  She has a great sense of humor
(check out the picture below.) 
and she taught me how to laugh at myself. 

Nana has had a few heart attacks over the years, and I am forever grateful that I could help her through them and nurse her back to health.  It was like a small way of paying her back for taking care of me as a child. Thanks for all you have done, you still do, and I'm sure will keep on doing. 
Happy Mothers Day Nana!!

This week I'll be posting a give away for movie tickets so check back!!

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Monika said...

What a sweet post! I adore you mother too.

Cristina Garay said...

I hope you've had a wonderful Mother's day, Ronda! What a pretty post, now I know where your good looks come from!