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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sister, Sister! My Sisters Basement Part 1

I only have one sibling, my sister. 
 We have always been close, 
(except for a year or so when I was an annoying preteen and she wanted to kill me.)  
We were always there to play with, wrestle with, and share clothes with.  She is only two years older than I, so the day she left for collage was hard.  
She had always been there for me. 
 (I should mention she was the pretty one, I know cause she as we got older she captured the attention of almost every guy.  I would be doing great and then she would walk in the room and I was history.  Can't say I was sad when she got married!)   

A few years latter I got married, as we started having kids we began to need more conversation with each other. 
 (She lived in Utah and I in Arizona, 12 hours apart!)  
We spent hours a day on the phone!!  
(Yeah, that was in the olden days when long distance charges applied, can you say $$$$.)  
Six years ago we moved to Utah and bought a house close to my sister.  It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from one of our homes to the other.  We have loved every minute of being close to each other.  She has been there for me through so much.  So, since we live so close, I'm more than happy to share my talents and help her out with her house.  
Her house is kinda like the land of the giants!
You can't tell in this picture cause they're all sitting down, but let me tell ya their heights.  Her husband is 6'6", her 21 year old son (not in picture cause he is on a mission) is 6'10, 18 year old on the left 6'10", 16 year old on the right 6'5", and the baby 12 year old in the front is 5'10"!  

Needless to say when they built there house 10 years ago it was a good investment to get 9 foot ceilings in there basement as well as higher counter tops and extremely high shower heads.
  (My nephew just told us the other day that everywhere he has to take a shower he's on his knees!) 
 Sorry I'm getting off the subject! 
 My sister wanted to redo their basement. 
 They designed and built their house, so it should be perfect, right?  
No, what looks good on paper doesn't always work as well in real life.  Their basement was this way.  It was very long and narrow. 
 I think before you do any remodeling you should identify what's not working with the space as well as what is working.  You should also identify the activities the space needs to support, the storage needs,  and style you want.
So lets go over the before photos of their basement family room. 
 I'll talk about each photo by number and what each yellow arrow is highlighting.  

1.  My sister likes to use family photos to decorate. Not just of her kids, but of grandparents and sibling's families also. 
 Great idea, but her collage wall was more like, 
"I'll just add another picture where ever and when ever."   
The other arrow is pointing to my brother-in-laws miniature train track that's suppose to go all the way around the top of the room.  You can see it just kinda of stops.  Not to mention the ugly silver support brackets that are fully visible.
2.  On the far end of the room they had two closets put in for storage, Between them was plumbing for a sink.  Once they lived here for a while they decided they wanted a fireplace between the closets instead.  One closet was being used for games and extra blankets and the other as a movie storage and computer desk for their kids.  

3.  This is the wall between the two windows in the room.  
It's a huge blank space!!!! 
Enough said!!

4.  This is the other end of the room that's closer to the kids bedrooms.  It's kidville or video game land.  They actually have an older extra TV just for video games.  
Here's a rough floor plan.  The activity areas were working, so we kept the basic layout.  Video game land would stay, just up date it and rework the storage.  The TV viewing area would change only slightly.  
 I wanted them to take the closets out and put in built ins, but they said no that's too much work. 
 She is not as crazy as I am, yet
So here is a drawing of the plan I drew up for them. 

They liked it and slowly began to move towards making it a reality.   They chose different stone for the fireplace and part way through they came over to the dark side my side and decided they were done with the closets!!  
Show ya more later thanks for stopping by.


Bartonsark said...

so cool I have been friends with Arlene for years and have never been in the basement... looking forward to seeing all the changes.

Emma said...

I love your drawing! Can't wait to see the progress.

Cristina Garay said...

Oh Wow, I love your plan, the way you're utilizing the room and the drawings! Looking forward to see the progress.