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Friday, May 24, 2013

When You Cherish the Little Things Life is Grand!!

Some days I get way too caught up in what's wrong, what's not going right, and what I didn't get accomplished.  But when I look at all the little things that make me smile, my heart swells, and it all seems good.  
What is not going right or what I didn't get done floats far away and I just sit and smile for a while and carry on!  I really am trying to focus on those small moments that add up to make me truly happy!!  So I hope you will indulge me as I share a few today!!
First is my family.  
Yes, they can hurt and upset me more than anyone, but they also bring me my greatest joy! 
 This picture was taken on this past Mother's Day.
  I love this picture cause I'm surrounded by my family!!

I love this crazy Mother's Day photo too! 
 Let's face it, we have to laugh or we won't make it through this life!!  
At our house we need a lot of laughter and craziness!!

Second moment is all about my hubby!!
  I chose this picture because one of his gifts is his sense of humor!!
Last week we celebrated our 22nd  aanniversary.  He set up a small trip for he and I to get away. 

He spent time talking to me and trying to understand where I am and what I need.  That meant the world to me.  I love that we keep trying to make our marriage better because we love each other. 
Thanks babe!!

Thanks for letting me get all mushy!!!
I'm working on the next post of my sister's basement and my next project!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


PneumaticAddict said...

You guys look great! I come from a family of 2 girls and 3 boys. I don't know how you do it! This post proves that you still have your priorities straight. Happy anniversary!

Cristina Garay said...

You have a very pretty family, Ronda! I think everything goes better with a good sense of humor :) Happy anniversary!

Sibel-ish said...

We've also celebrated our 21st year recently. Don't know how the years have flown away but always happy with my family. Wish you many gorgeous years with your family too:))