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Friday, June 14, 2013

Garage Sale Treasures!

My family and I love going to garage sales.  We don't go every weekend but we like to go every once in a while.  We often have things we are looking for, but we mostly just shop for good deals we can use.  Today I thought I would share what treasures we got last weekend.

Our biggest score was these three wooden office chairs and the basket in front; all for $30.  We plan on fixing up the chairs and selling them or using them in Les' Man Room someday!!   Behind the chair that swivels is a drying rack I snagged for 50 cents!  I really just wanted the dowels. I can't buy 12 dowels for 50 cents.  

My kids are going on a Pioneer Re-enactment Trek this summer and need pioneer clothes.  I was thrilled to find Jaysen a shirt for 25 cents.  My girls love making their own jewelry so I couldn't resist three boxes of beads for 75 cents.  Les wants to play our own backyard miniature golf for a family activity, thus we bought 5 golf putters at 50 cents each; just need to find two more!!
 I don't know about yours, but my kids walk to school and need umbrellas on rainy days.  But they seem to break them a lot. I can just see them hitting the ground, using them as swords and who knows what else.  I try to buy good umbrellas anytime I see them for less than $1.  This time it was only 50 cents.   I have wanted a camera purse for awhile but couldn't afford one, found this red Epiphanie one for $4.  Seriously it is brand new.  No dirt inside or out!!  I Googled it and found the exact one on line for $164.99!!!

We have a huge costume closet, which oddly we use a lot.  Any way, we often pick up random things to add to it, thus we now have two WWW wrestling belts.  My husband bought the camo mask, not sure what for but the boys thought it was super cool!  I also scored this great shower curtain from Target, it looks brand new.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it but I love the fabric so I will definitely use it in Ashlee's room or her bathroom.

For some reason my kids love finger-less gloves, so we picked these up for Jaysen.   I have some organizational ideas a brewing for these large hinged rings and for 25 cents I just couldn't pass them up.    We also bought 2 small wood easels for 25 cents each and Tupperware Popsicle molds for 50 cents which are not pictured.  
We spent a total of $44.75.
 I would have spent way over that just to buy my red purse at retail.  
Gotta love garage sales!!  
What have you found lately!!!

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Anonymous said...

I too am a garage sale freak. :) I love scouting out furniture and have found some really cheap pieces under 2 bucks lately. Chairs, side tables and lamps. I re purpose them and give them a new life.

Rachel said...

Wow! You made some GREAT scores! How clever of you to buy the drying rack for the dowels. I totally would have never thought of that. And the Epiphanie bag!! What a STEAL! I haven't gone garage sale shopping for several weeks but this post sure gave me the itch to get out there. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

me said...

The wooden swivel chair is a total score!!! Well done! :)

Emma said...

You got great deals!

Cristina Garay said...

I just love garage sales and flea markets! You got really good deals, that bag and the swivel chair are my favorites!

Life Between Potato and Rice said...

Wow...that is a great finds! I love yard/garage sale, you never know what treasure you will find out there. Well done ! Popped from sawdust girl blog