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Friday, June 28, 2013

Master Bedroom - One Wall at a Time!!

I'm working on my Board and Batten wall treatment one wall at a time.  
It's great to see each wall get completed. 
 Here's a brief explanation of how I did my installation.  

Step One

Measure!!!  I measured each board separately, because walls are never square and I didn't want any gaps.  A word to the wise, be more careful than I was when releasing your tape measure.  I think I pinched my fingers about a million times, and walked away with these lovely two blood blisters!!

Step Two
Cut, this is the easiest step.  It takes about two seconds to make the cut, and ten times as long to walk back and forth between the workshop and the bedroom!!!!  If it fit I moved on to Step Three, if not I walked back out to the workshop to shave off a little more. 
 (Can you say exercise, baby!)

Step Three
Glue.  I decided to glue my boards for extra staying power.  I just used a curvy line of liquid nails.

Step Four

Install.  I pushed the glued up board in place, according to my pencil marks, then I used a tape measure to make sure I had equal measurements at the top and bottom.  Once I was happy with my placement I used my brad nailer and nailed it in place.  

Then I repeated all four steps for each board until one wall was done.  
Then I started all over on the next wall!!!  
I must admit it's kind of a boring job.  
One night I needed to pull an all nighter, I wasn't really excited; you could say I was dragging my feet. My awesome husband encouraged me saying he would help out and take some pictures.  He decide to act like this was a model shoot and took about a million photo's while saying things like, "Work it baby!"  It was hard not to laugh.  
We had so much fun! 
 Here are just a few of the pictures!! 
 Who says work is not fun?

I'll be back with finished walls soon!  
Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Ronda,
I love you board/batten look. Can you tell me the dimensions of the MDF boards that you used? Also, what size gap did you make your open spaces (I see the top is smaller than the bottom sections.)
I love all the helpful DIY ideas that you've shared!
Thanks for inspiring us.
Lori Kelly gatewaycouncl@gmail.com