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Friday, June 7, 2013

What I've learned from my Son!!

Today I wanted to share what I have learned from one of my amazing kids!! 
 If you follow me you know he has amazing talents, and that is not an overstatement.  Since he was very little he has always been busy figuring how to make what ever it was he wanted.  He would draw pictures (almost manuals) of how to build something.  For this kid there were no limits of what he could do.  Today he is still the same way.  Let me share his latest venture.  

You may remember about two years ago he put on a very successful Haunted House for his Eagle Project.  Here is the front of it.  We built all the walls and he and his brother Austin used spray paint to create this mural for the front.  

Austin dressed up as what we now refer to as Mr. Bones!!

After that project he taught himself how to make latex and silicone masks, below is a sculpture he is working on for one of his latest masks.

So now he wants to do a huge full blown haunted house.  He has spent the last year working on a business plan.  This kid has spent hours researching on the Internet.   His dad and I helped him edit his first draft, but then he went to the Small Business Management office and they helped him rework it even more.  Can I say he knows more than a lot of adult at this point about what it takes to start a business!! 
Here is one of his drawings of how he envisions the haunted attraction.

 Now he is trying to raise money for his attraction.  
At age 16 he is trying to raise $75,000 through a crowd fund raising web site,
 (I never even knew they existed.)  
You can go here to see his donation site.  
Below are the stickers he created as perks. 
 Very cool stickers don't you think?  
He also has plans to talk to investors.  

He made this video for his campaign.  I got to film it, I'm especially proud of the middle part when he is working on his sculpture.   But it's the way he edited it that makes it so good.  

About now you are thinking wow!!  
And that's a lot of money!  
He's only 16! 
 I worried he won't be able to jump through the legal crap, like renting a building and getting insurance.  I worried that he might not be able to accomplish this lofty goal and feel bad and depressed.  But as I watch him I realized, if he doesn't try he will never make it. 
 He will make it and someday when he is famous you will remember reading his mom's blog post about his start in life.
He has taught me to reach for the stars!! 
 Who cares what  others think!  
Go for it and work with what ya got!!  
Kids are amazing teachers. 
 Go over and check out his campaign maybe even donate!!

I'll be back soon with an update on my sister's basement!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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PneumaticAddict said...

WOW! I am so impressed! I have to be honest, I would never expect that kind of work from a 16 year old. That being said, it would be impressive coming from an adult. You and your hubby have a lot to be proud of!