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Monday, June 3, 2013

What's new in the Bedroom Part one

What's my next project?  
Well, that question has a far reaching answer.  
Remember last year?  
Yes, a whole year ago!  
I started on my Master Bedroom.  I mentioned it in this post and this post.  
Well, I'm back on the case!!  
And plan to finish it this time!!!!  
With out further ado let me show ya where I started.  
This is what our bedroom looked like over a year ago.

What works?
As you can see, the room is good sized; that is a King size bed.  Our room also has great natural light!!  Love that!  I'm a light person, can't stand it dark.  First thing every day, I open up all our blinds and curtains. 
 OK, there I go getting off the subject again.  
Basically I have a huge box of a room to work with. 

 What stays?  
You know me I use what I have as much as possible, and since our bedroom set is not too old, it stays.    No budget for the floor so the carpet stays.  
The giant gold mirror above the dresser is a remake I did about eight years ago, and I still love it. 
 (It was my first attempt at gold leafing.
 I use my bedside lamp a lot in bed.  I need tall lamps or the light does me no good in bed.  I found these lamps on clearance about five years ago, and they function absolutely perfectly. 
 So yes they stay. 
 (But I have a plan to dress them up a little.)

What do I want?
I want some color.  
I love all the white rooms that are all over blog land, but that would just be a nightmare for me.  I would be screaming at my family all the time trying to keep it clean.  
Remember, I have six kids and a dog! 
  I want to update this boring room with some crisp color and pattern.  
We also want a place to sit and talk, besides in bed. 
 (We are getting older and too much time in bed hurts our backs. lol)
Last of all we really want a bench at the end of our bed.  I think it looks cool and will help with pillow storage at night.  Les wants it so we can say our prays at night, our bed is just way to high to kneel at.  

Well, now you have the low down.  
Lets get started. 
Last Spring my first step was to implement a new floor plan. 
 OK, I know it just looks like a mess but below is a rough floor plan showing how I changed it.
 (No, it is not to scale!)
By moving the bed under the big window I managed to make a nice area for two chairs.  You may notice in the photo's above that I only have one chair.
  (Sad Face!
 I moved that chair and tried adding another one but the scale was all wrong, too big!!
 So hubby and I went on a hunt for new (well new to us chairs).  
We found two old chairs at DI(local thrift store) $40 each.
They aren't much to look at, in fact they are stained and kinda gross looking but we'll fix that later.  

Below is a bad photo of the new floor plan and my new to me chairs.

After I got everything moved I was ready to paint!  I have tons of paint in my garage and decided I needed to use it up.  Some of it is from left over projects and some I picked up free from the Dump;  taking advantage of their paint recycling program. So I set to mixing.  I knew in my head what I wanted the color to look like, but getting that onto the wall took a little time.  I would mix different paints until I thought it looked good and then put it on the wall.  Then I'd add some more of one color and do it all over again until I had several different colors.  At one point I started over with another gallon of light paint.  
At last I arrived at a color I liked!!

So here is the room all painted. 
 I only painted the top half of the room. You know I have plans for the bottom.  

What color is it really?  
 It's a very light color.  
When my neighbor Shelley from House of Smith's came down to check out my paint job she swore up and down it was the same color that was in her house. 
 (Check out the photo below.)
So we took a sample down to her house and it's a match. 
 Shelley used Autumn Haze by Gliden in satin.  
Now you know what color to buy if you like it or you can just make your own. 

That's how far I got last year, and then my bedroom just sat like that all year!! 
 Half painted walls and two gross chairs.

But now the adventure is about to begin again!! 
 Stay tuned to see how it is coming along. 
 I'll leave you with this sneak peak at my pile of ideas for the room!!

What projects are you working on?
Thanks for stopping by!

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Jessica said...

I'm working on my room too! I need to patch up a few spots on a wall and paint. Ty says he won't be moving any furniture, so I only have one wall I'll be painting. I just got a great set of portraits printed of Ty and I that I will be putting up on the wall after I paint it. Just need to decide between hanging them or getting a shelf to put them on.