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Monday, June 17, 2013

What's new in the Master Bedroom Part 2 - Trimming out the Windows

Just when you  thought I stopped working on my bedroom I'm back.  
Never fear, I am committed to finishing this room!  
After painting,
 (go back here if you missed the painting post)
I started working on the windows.  I love adding character to my builder grade house.  I think it makes it more custom and adds character.  Here are what the windows looked like when I started.

First, I took out the drywall on the sill.  
 I cut along the corners so it would come out clean without messing up the sides.  


Next, I just dug in! 
 I used a small crow bar and pried up all the drywall.  I removed all the nails and corner bead also.  Then I vacuumed and cleaned everything up.
(Warning this makes a big mess!)

Then came the fun hard part, making the sill.  I have learned that measuring doesn't work well because the walls are never square.  Making a card board template is the easiest way to get a good fit. 

Then I just transferred it to my wood piece and cut it out using a few different saws.  

Once the sill was in place I chose some molding to surround the window with.  I used the same casing that was around my door.  Originally I was going for a more elaborate look but I'm putting up crown molding and curtains so I went with a simple casing.  To finish it off I used some baseboard molding and turned it upside down to make the apron.  
Then I did the same thing to the other two windows.

What do you think?  
I just  can't wait until I get it all painted out.   
Now I'm ready to tackle the wall treatment!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Cristina Garay said...

Trimming the windows is something that adds so much character to a room! Looking forward to see how this room evolves!