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Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Upholstery - How to Estimate Your Yardage!

On my last post, here's what my chair looked like!
Yeah she needs some clothes!!!
First I had to find some fabric. 
 I wanted something that would last 'cause these chairs were pretty complicated!!
But I needed to know how much material to buy!

I have a couple of charts like the one below to help me estimate yardage,  
which I would recommend as a great source.

I had two small problems with the charts I found.  
#1 My chair wasn't on them.  
The closest looking chair said 5 yards per chair.  
I have two so that would put me at 10 yards.
#2 I kinda found some fabric I wanted at Walmart.
(Don't judge it's from Wally World!)
They actually get bolts of upholstery fabric quite regularly.
Any ways, the problem was that there was only 8 yards.
I had been looking for a little while and the only other fabric I had found was like $45 a yard.
I needed a more accurate yardage figure.

Here's what I did.
I put a piece of tape on the floor that was equal to the width that the fabric comes in. 
 (That's usually 56 inches for home decor fabric.
Then I lined up all the pieces on the floor within the width of the tape.
Make sure too leave 2-3 inches extra around your pieces 'cause you need to cut each piece bigger than the pattern.
Once all the pieces were down I just measure from the tape to the end of the last piece.  

With this method I guessed I would need just a little less than 8 yards. 
 I went ahead and bought the whole bolt.  
In the end I was right on.
I hope this helps you all.  Just round up 1-2 yards for any extra or mistakes that come up.  
Thanks for stopping by!!

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