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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't Blink or your kids will grow up over night!

I can't believe my twins are going into Jr. High School this fall!! 
 It seems like they were just born!  
They just celebrated another birthday and I thought I'd share a little about it.  
First off, they are old enough now to have sleep overs, so that's what they wanted for their party.  For the invitations we made paper sleeping bags.  We use lots of cute printed scrap booking paper for the outside of the bag and coordinating solid colors for the inside of the bag.  To make them just a tad bit cuter we cut out circles with a round punch and cut it in half to make popcorn bowls.  We then punched out ice cream cones from yellow paper.  If you glue 4 or 5 of the ice cream scoops upside down in thye half circles, you get a bowl of popcorn!!!

We cut out white paper pillows with the invitation part attached.  We slid the pillow invite into the sleeping bag and wrote each guest's name on the pillow.  To read the invitation you just pull on the pillow.  The girls loved them and had so much fun making them.  

We didn't do much in the way of decorating our unfinished family room.  We just put a cute table cloth on this round table and loaded it  with goodies in cute containers and water bottles the girls dressed up with scrap book paper.  
The girls wanted a sleeping bag for their cake.  We used Bottle Caps candy to make poke-a-dots on the outside of the bag.  Fruit roll-ups were used to create the inside of the bag.  I would do something different for the inside if I did it again.  Fruit roll-ups don't come in coordinating colors, just rainbow!!
But the girls liked it and that's really what counts!!!

I just want to say what beautiful young women my girls are turning into. 
 And they are just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.  
I'm excited to see what talents and interest they find as they start Jr. High!!

Happy Birthday to my 

And Happy Birthday to my
 horse loving scholar!

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The Reno Donnelly's said...

Not that this will help you now but you can buy fruit rolls individually in all kinds of single flavors. They come in a long foil type package. Next time you need some I'll mail them to you.

Cristina Garay said...

Cute invitations and cake! The birthday girls... Beautiful!