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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Master Bedroom - Sand, Sand, Sand, and then Sand some more!

Finally the last post about my wall treatment!!  
This is real time DIY!  
It doesn't just happen over night!  Also in real DIY you can't just pull everything out of the room.  Where can you put a king size bed, two night stands, a huge dresser and two chairs?  Who has that much extra space?  Not me.  We pulled everything to the center away from the walls.  There was this two to three foot wide track around the perimeter of the room. 

The middle of the room was a land mine. 
 Chaos is a good motivator!!
 The dream of being able to go potty in the middle of the night with out risking my life kept me going.  

 Once all the boards were up and in place, it was time to fill all the nail holes. 
 I think there were a million!!  
 (Don't judge me about my unmade bed, would it really make a difference in this room right now?)

Once all the holes were filled and dry it was time to sand, and sand, and sand, and sand.  
Did I mention I sanded?  
OK you get the point sanding takes what seems like forever!!!!
Boring as it may be, sanding is a necessary evil for a nice finished product.  
So I sanded some more!!

Once it was all sanded smooth, I went back and caulked along the boards and the wall.  It may not look too bad now but when you paint that little gap looks tacky.  So I caulked it all.  I figured I caulked over 220 feet.  I tried to use a caulking tool, but wasn't happy with  the results, so I just used my finger to smooth out the caulk.  Eventually my finger became raw and started to bleed. 
 (I realized it was bleeding after my caulk started looking pink!!)
I started using my next finger and made it through the rest of the room before it started to bleed.  Now I can really say I put my blood sweat and tears into this room! 
 (The tears came when doing the crown molding!)

Finally the day arrived to paint!!!! 
 One coat primer and two or three coats white semigloss paint.  
I capped the wall treatment off with a 3/4" strip of MDF I ripped down on my table saw.  

Looking good, don't you think? 
 I am almost ready to move my furniture back out.
  I just have to do the crown molding.  
Show you that next time!!

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Pine Tree Home said...

Nothing like a lot of trim to turn a room fabulous. Love it.

Celeste B. said...

Wow! I do not have the patience and the know-how for all this. It looks awesome.

Unknown said...

I plan on doing this in whatever house we buy. Thanks for posting.

Janet said...

As always, so much talent! It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest of the updates. You're my remodeling hero.

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PneumaticAddict said...

Its looking so good Ronda! I can't wait to see it with the furniture all in place!