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Monday, August 12, 2013

Copy Cat Ceiling Fan!

Do you remember my ceiling fan redo for my office? 
Here's a photo to jog your memory.

 I love it and I remember all the ideas I had of what colors and pattern to paint on it. I was happy with my creative results.  So imagine when I was looking on Krylon's web site, at the 24 Projects they just completed, and saw my ceiling fan.
Copy Cat ceiling fan!

Do you see the same fan?
It's the same color and design and size.  
What the Heck!!!
I looked for a link to my post, blog or something, but they claim this as their idea.
Now someone copying your work is a sign that it was good, and I'm all for inspiring others.  You want to copy my exact idea for your house go for it, I'd love it. But if you want to put it on the Internet give me some credit.  If you take my idea and tweak it, so it becomes yours, I'm for that too.
 But I'm not for stealing someone else's creative ideas.  
This is a big company picking on the little guy!!
I contacted them and they referred my message to someone higher up in the company and that seems to be where it stopped.  All I requested was they link to my original post.

Here is a link to their post.  Feel free to check it out and scroll down to the bottom and click on contact or go here.  Leave them a comment on how you feel about them passing off the little guys hard work as theirs.  

Sorry for the venting!!
  I feel better now.
Thanks for stopping by!


Rachel said...

Grrr! I can see why you're not happy. I wouldn't be either. It's not hard to link back credit. To do otherwise is stealing. :(

Ellen Kepas said...

I love your blog and your creativity! I left a message for Krylon letting them know I'm not impressed with their ethics. I hope they revise the article and give you the credit you deserve!

Unknown said...

I left a note on their blog. I wish I knew how to 'link' because I'd like to link to your original post. That has to be SO frustrating! I completely understand too, reuse, tweak, whatever, just give me a shout out for my original work! I mean seriously, not a lot to ask! I'm so sorry, and am hoping that 'Goliath' makes this right.

Katie said...

I went to their website, and couldn't find a place to comment, so I shared "their" idea on my FB page with a shout out to you for the original idea. I also put that I'm now boycotting Krylon for their shameful actions.

Katie said...

I saw the link you left for us to leave comments on their site. I blasted them about their shameful behavior. I am so sorry that they stole your idea. I have been reading your blog for over a year, and I'm continually amazed at your talent and creativity.

momtofatdogs said...

I just found your blog while surfing for DIY Upholsery tips & techniques and when I saw this post I had to laugh becasue I think many of us blog folks have our photos highjacked. I don't post daily or super regularly on mine, but have you seen the blogs or stuff on pintrest that people have put watermarks on thier photos? Like ghost writing? I'm thinking of doing that to my pictures. Love your blog , by the way!!


Unknown said...

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