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Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Upholstery - Re-staining Wood the Easy Way!

I'm still working on my chairs!!!
Before I can put their clothes back on I had to deal with the wood. 
I debated about weather to paint the wood or not.  Wood tones prevailed!!
But I wanted the stain a little darker and fresh looking.  
Gel stain to the rescue.
I used the leftover stain from my desk top, go here to see that.  The great thing about gel stain is you don't have to take off the old stain and finish.  I just lightly sand it, paint on the gel stain, wait a few minutes and then wipe it off.  

It works great and this stuff last forever. 
 I have used it on my desk top and these two chairs and there is still 3/4 of a can left.  

I have to share a story with you here.  
Because I'm impatient and I wanted to start putting the fabric back on right now!  I decided to put the chair in the sunshine to see if the gel stain would dry faster.  So I opened the garage door and set the chair there.  I went in the house and worked on other things.  
After a little while Les had to go run some errands.  He kissed me goodbye and went out the garage door.  When I heard him come back in the garage door only a few seconds latter I suddenly remembered my chair was behind his car!!

This is totally what I looked like and felt like. 
Les came up to me and said, 
"Your chair was behind my car and I just back out of the garage..."
I was already to cry!
He continued, "when I heard this weird sound."
My stomach was turning , I felt sick!
He continued, 
"I stopped and got out to find I had just pushed your chair a few feet down the driveway.  But your chair is OK.  You are so lucky!!"

Moral of the story: Don't be in such a hurry 
or is it
 Don't put things where they can get run over?
Either way, I'm soooooo glad it didn't get squished!

Next, time I will put the chairs clothes back on!!  
It's gonna be great!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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