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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dressing up is the Batchelors Way!

Yeah, we often raid our costume closet.  It never ceases to amaze me how often we dress up around here.  Our last month was hectic with back to school shopping for all our kiddo's!  It takes preparation and time!!!  But among all the hours of going through their closets and shopping we spent time dressing up!  First the girls got invited to an 80's birthday party!!  The invite said there would be prizes for the best 80's look! 
 (I got this, I went to High School in the 80's, I'm an 80's girl!)
I think I had a little too much fun dressing the girls up. 
 Don't you just love Em's big hair?

Can I just say Emilee won the contest!!

With in a week or two we were decking the girls, and two of the boys, out as pioneers!!
  Jaysen, Quinton, Ashlee, and Emilee all went on Trek!  Trek is basically a four day re-enactment of the Mormon pioneers trek across the plains.  They divide all the youth up into families of 10 or so kids with a pseudo ma and pa and one handcart.  They spend the next four days pulling the hand cart about 32 miles.  Here are our Trekers the first day; all cute and clean in their pioneer duds.

Jaysen made his own hat, neckerchief, and satchel. He looked so authentic head to toe.  
As one of the older kids in his group he worked hard.
(Just like at home.)

Although I didn't get to go on Trek with the kids this year I snagged a picture of each of them on Trek from Facebook pages.  Here is Ash pushing the hand cart.  She was the youngest in her Trek family, but not the shortest.   Her Ma and Pa had nothing but good things to say about her when they got back.
(That's my girl!)

Em tends to get dirty easily, and Trek was no exception. 
 (Check out her skirt below her knee!)
Like a true pioneer she worked hard walking each day and was ready for dinner each night.

Quinton and Emilee were actually put in the same Trek family.  There Ma fell off the the truck bead that the port-a-potties were on and had to be taken to the hospital.  So they both got a new adopted family, which meant one set of Ma and Pa had to help two hand cart groups and about 20 kids!  Hat's off to them!! 
 (Their original Ma was OK and told me when they got home how Quinton looked out for his sister without her knowing.  Yeah he's a good brother!)

All in all Trek is fun, but dusty!! 
(I know they look mad in a lot of the pictures, but that's because they are mimicking how in old photo's no one ever smiled.  We are big into detail around these parts.)
I know how much we all love before and after pictures, 
so here's before and after.
(Don't know if you can tell but they are all two shades darker due to the dirt!)

This last picture looks like a movie poster to me!  
Coming soon to theaters near you, 
The Good, The bad, and The Tasty!

(Explanation of why Jaysen has a spatula,  I was making brownies when they got home.

Now the kids are back in school and dress like teens, 
OK word on the street is Jaysen dresses like a super model/GQ guy.   
But we are back to normal.  
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PneumaticAddict said...

Haha! All of their expressions look like they weren't thrilled to be there, but then again, it could just be that they're teenagers. We do our trek out in the Arizona desert. Yuck! I'm sure yours is much more scenic.

Emma said...

Great pictures. I especially love how dirty they are. Our Stake did Trek this year too. I wish I could of done it as a teen.