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Monday, September 16, 2013

Family meal time with help from Pillsbury!

I don't know about you, but we are in full back to school mode!  
Let me give you a quick run down of how it goes around here. 
 (Read this fast so you get the picture)  

  • At 6 am we wake everyone up and meet in the family room for family scripture study followed by family prayer.  
  • Then breakfast and showers are alternated according to the bathroom schedules.  
  • Jaysen leaves first for his off campus class every other day, followed by the three Jr High kids.  
  • Then I help Branden do his homework; usually a timed practice math test and a spelling test and twenty minuets of reading.  Then off he goes to school.   
  • I have six hours to clean the house, do laundry, grocery shop, write on my blog, and work on projects. (No wonder it takes me so long to finish a room!)  
  • Soon Jaysen  is home and we talk and he eats a snack. Then I'm getting him on the computer to get his homework started before the others get home and get in line to do their homework on the computer.  (Seems like my Jr, High and High schoolers do almost everything on the computer)  
  • In just a bout one hour increments the kids arrive home.  High School, Jr High and then grade school.
  • Our evenings are filled with homework, piano practice, piano lessons, tutoring,  homework, talking, church activities  oh and did I mention homework?  Yeah you get the idea.  

It gets quite busy around here.  
But no matter how busy we get, I insist on having a family sit down meal together as many nights as possible each week.  
 I feel this is important!!  
So this means I actually have to cook a meal almost every day! 
 (If you know me you know I cook only because my job as mom calls for it!  Not because I like it.)  That being said, I want to make easy things that my family will like.  So it was great to get the chance to try some quick and easy family recipes from Pillsbury.  
Go check out Pillsbury's recipe booklet.  Just down load it and start trying some fun new recipes.  
My kids really wanted to try Grands! Grilled Cheese Sandwiches,

Grands! Mini Pizzas was also a top contender.

But in the end Grands! Taco Melts won out for the first recipe to try.  

As long as I'm telling you so many family secrets, you might as well know Les loves to cook!  He kindly cooks almost every weekend!  
(Yeah, I'm a little spoiled!)
Any way, he really wanted to be the cook for our new recipes, so what's a girl to do? 
 I let him cook!!

He mixed up the yummy taco meat per the recipe instructions, flattened out the Grands, and loaded up the meat and cheese inside!  I know your mouth is watering.  

They looked yummy when they came out of the oven.
Like I said, Les likes to cook and also made fresh salsa and guacamole dip for our dinner!!

What do ya think? 
 I bet you cant wait to try it!  Here is the link for this recipe.  But you could also download this whole booklet here.

I'll let the kids' pictures tell the rest of the story!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Marina in Blue said...

Great! I agree with you, a family meal is the best. We also try to do it. My husband also likes cooking, I have a post where he cooks Mexican food too.
How similar can be families!