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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Should Not be Allowed in the Restore

I should not be allowed in the Restore!! 
 Its seems like every trip I find something that means, another PROJECT!! 
 But this time I definitely had a partner in crime, 
So it all started when Les wanted to take back this big stack of poster frames that the Restore had given me to use for the home show earlier this spring.  They had been hanging around the garage all summer and Les was tired of walking around them.  So off we went to the Restore!  But of coarse we couldn't just drop off the frames and leave, we had to look around.  When way in the back of the store I found this awesome and giant medicine cabinet!!  It's like over 4 foot wide and tall and weighs a ton. All I could see was the girls bathroom. I mean, I had already picked up a small medicine cabinet at DI to help with the shortage of storage in their bathroom, but this was way bigger and better.  I found Les and started rambling off all the reasons we should get it. 
 "OK, but how much is it?" Les asked.  
It had no price on it so I made him stand next to it while I went to find out what the price was.
  (You have to  protect your possible purchases from other shoppers you know!) 
When the answer was $10, you know it was a done deal.  
This thing took up the whole back of our Suburban.
 Oh did I mention it weighed a ton!!!!!!

After securing our first purchase we continued on perusing the store. To my surprise it was Les, not me, who spotted a group of cabinets that matched the profile of the cabinets we had in our workshop.  After getting a price of $30 for the whole lot, we were soon headed home to get the trailer!!  
Did I mention this was on Labor day weekend?  Can you guess what we spent all of our extra long holiday weekend doing?
If you guessed lounging by the pool one last time, you would be wrong!
If you guessed installing cabinets in our workshop in the garage, you would be right!!  
One of our first issues was our last great sale we found, remember these 94 boards we bought for 29 cents each?  Yeah, I was not about to move those boards again!!!
So we put our thinking caps on!  We used our hydraulic car jack and a "T"made from 2x4's.  We just pumped the jack to raise the boards above our install line.  Once the cabinet was in place we just lowered the boards back in place. 

Yes, we spent a long weekend installing 8 cabinets and 2 plywood counter tops.  

It was a lot of work, but not much cash.  But it gave us soooooo much needed storage!!   
Yes, they are not too pretty, but Les says someday he wants to paint them all!  

What projects have you stumbled upon lately? 
Or does this just happen to me?
Thanks for stopping by!!


Unknown said...

I feel your pain! I have the active imagination/eye to see the 'could be' in waaaayyyy to many things. This 'eye' leads to projects that can be never ending. I have about 20 unfinished projects that will be attended to before I allow myself out and about. Meaning to the GW, VFW or ReStore because each of those is a path to yet more projects....mainly because I never run up on just ONE project. It's usually 4 or 5 at a time! I do love it though and am completely jealous of 1) having a garage, 2) having storage at a great price and 3) Having a Garage!
Love it and keep sharing with us! You know I'm hanging on your every word!

Unknown said...

No, it does not just happen to you as the Many Unfinished Projects of mine can attest! It never fails that I will fall into three or four projects at a time. Deals to good to pass up! That said I am green with envy over the garage and all that storage! SO. Jealous. (sigh) Maybe one day... For now, I will content myself to drool over your storage.

PneumaticAddict said...

Man, you guys always score there! I started going to ours after reading a few of your posts. Unfortunately, I've never found anything good and their prices are ridiculously high for the quality of stuff. I guess I'll just have to check it out next time we pass through Utah!

OrangeBlossom said...

Awesome score!!! Now you have him on board too....

Wish we had a Restore near us.

Cristina Garay said...

Those are awesome finds, Rhonda! The prices at my local Restore and thrift stores are simply too high, the only way I can find good deals are at flea markets and CL.

momtofatdogs said...

None of the Re-Stores in my area have any deals that good! And as for the cabinet you got for the girls bathroom. That is a total score I think it's called a Barrister's Bookcase (Lawyer's Bookcase) I have been looking for something similar to that for OUR bathroom. Same issue. Low storage options.

My husband wold have moved the boards, I'll have to remember the hyd jack method!