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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Collage Wall and Art Work on a Budget!

Artwork can be done inexpensively and still be awesome and meaningful. 
 I knew whatever I put on the walls of our master bedroom would be important as it would be the last thing Les and I saw every night and first thing we would see every morning.  
 I wanted the artwork to make us smile! 
Most of you know my children are very talented artists.  
So what could be better than my boys' art!!  
I had the art and searched this summer for the perfect sized frames. 

I found them at second hand shops; they just needed a little help!
I got this watercolor below from Austin when he was packing for college and realized he couldn't take all his artwork with him!  I didn't really do anything to the frame other than clean it up.  Austin's painting looks great with the gold detail of the frame.  In case you couldn't already tell this is a painting of the floating mountains of Pandora also called the Hallelujah Mountains.  
that is from the movie Avatar
my boys are big Avatar geeks!!  
I am not an Avatar geek, I just really like this picture.  
The colors go so well with my room.  It also makes me feel peaceful and happy.  
Knowing it was painted by my son makes it all the better!

Jaysen drew a pencil drawing of Jesus Christ for me as a Christmas gift last year.  I would have probably choose to put a picture of Christ in my room, but this one is better because my son drew it! 
Aren't my boys talented?
Seeing their artwork makes me smile and think of the good in each of them.
For Jaysen's picture frame I spray painted it blue, as it is going to become part of my collage wall. 

That's right I said collage wall. 
 I wanted a small collage above my dresser.  So I stared playing around with possible lay outs on my floor.  I bought the convex mirror, the antique frame, and the corbel over the last year or so at DI.  
(Convex mirrors retail around $30-$70.
The key didn't make it into the final cut!

Once I got the layout looking good I made templates and taped them up on the wall to make sure I still liked the layout and to help with placement of each item.  I used Krylon's Periwinkle blue to spray paint all the frames.  I then dry brushed the raised design on the antique square frames with gold craft paint. I had our son snap some pictures of Les and I in the back yard and I picked out our favorites There's really nothing like looking at you and your sweetheart each day.  

 For the oval frame above, I bought silver baby spoons from DI and attached them to some scrap booking paper and added the words 'Spooning Since 1992', our wedding year.  Our older children were shocked that we would spoon. LOL! I got the idea from Pinterest, here's the original idea.

Last piece of artwork I found at Walmart one day on clearance for $1. 
 Come on who could pass up that lovely gold frame with birds?  

That's my art work for less!!  
Really loving all of it and it makes me smile! 
What artwork do you have in your room?
Alright come back next week to see all this lovely artwork in place!
I will finally be done with my room and show you!!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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