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Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Master Bedroom on a Budget Reveal

I am finally done!! 
 As with every DIY project it takes some time!! 

You can go back and follow this journey from beginning to end, 
with out interruptions if you want.
Here are all the links:

 For me the savings and the beauty totally equal the Happiness Factor!
If you're new to Batchelors Way, I do just about everything on extremely small budgets by buying used items and sale items but with out sacrificing taste.  

Let's start by going back to where the room started.  Pretty much a big white box.  
You can go here to read more about where we started and read about the floor plan change.   

I know nothing too disgusting, but nothing exciting either!
Oh take a mental note of the mirror and dresser.  They stay!

There's my ceiling fan.  It stays but gets up dated!

Without further ado let's see how this Master Bedroom turned out!!
Ta da!
Scroll down through all the pictures and then once you have checked it all out scroll back up and I'll tell how I created this on a budget! 
Each point has a link for more info!

  • Saved on paint my mixing paint I already had leftover from other projects or I got it from the dump's free paint pickup and drop off program.  (It's a match to Autumn Haze by Glidden)
  • Saved money by using what I had, and reused headboard, night stands and dresser.
  • Blue quilt is from Target, called Anna by Home Classics.  I love that it is cotton and washes easily. (I have 6 kids and 1 dog!) I got it on sale at Kohl's Department store for $38.99 for a King!

  • Saved on extra tall curtains by converting shower curtains from Target into bedroom curtains.  
  • Bought a second hand $10 bench and recovered it with fabric from a second hand store for $15!
  • Wall treatment made with MDF boards bought on clearance for $2.34 for a 16' board! It cost less than $50 for all the boards for this room.
  • Cute blue bird on table was bought new from Big Lots.  
  • Recovered second hand chairs with fabric I found at Walmart.  Each chair ended up costing $62. 
  • Bought extra large mason jar second hand for 25 cents.  Tinted them blue myself and added silk flowers bought at a second hand shop.

  • Used mirror I already had.  This mirror now holds a secret I will reveal below.
  • Crown molding purchased from the Restore for $20.
  • Green rug under bench $20 from Walmart.

  • Everything on the collage wall is from second hand stores.   Some items left as is and some spruced up with blue spray paint.

You can't have too many can you?  
Well my husband thinks so, but he loves me sooooo much he puts up with my gaggle of pillows!!
Even though pillows give you that finished look, they can be pricey and soon ruin your budget.  
Here's how I saved on pillow prices:
  • The lovey green pillows across the back are from my couch, I just covered them with some clearance fabric from a home fabric store. I think the fabric was $5.
  • The large lovely white pillows with the navy squares as well as the textured white one were free!  Cast offs from my neighbor.
  • The green striped feather pillow I bought 'as is' from DI for $2.
  •  The navy hounds-tooth pillow and tiny green pillow were fabric samples I purchased for $2 each.  I  folded them over, sewed them up, and stuffed them with stuffing from old pillows I had.
  • Last but not least is the floral pillow that I made from placematts I got at the Dollar Store. This was actually my inspiration piece for the the color scheme for the whole room!!  The back is made of blue striped fabric that I already had.  I then used a feather pillow form from Ikea.  
That's $19 total for all those pillows!!

Accessories, this is my favorite part. 
 I wanted accessories that gave a pop of color and that made me happy.  And I always love to throw in something whimsy or unexpected.  But once again, accessories can really reek havoc on your budget.  I think you might be surprised at what you can buy used.  Everything on my dresser, (the collage above) was bought second hand except the green pears in the jars, and our junky old digital clock and cover (lower right corner of collage).  Yes, our clock is junky, it's missing some buttons.  We like it on this dresser facing the bed so we can both see what time it is at night.  But I didn't want to see the clock from any other point in the room, so I made a cover for it out of scraps of balsa wood.  Then I covered it with blue chevron scrapbook paper.  Simple, yet beautiful to me!
If you are asking like my kids did, "Why is there a dog on your dresser?"  
The answer is, I like him!  
He is just the touch of whimsy I love and it IS my room.   

OK, here's a few more accessories.
  • Revamped this used clock with spray paint.
  • Cute green bunny from DI for $1.
Now for the secret of my giant mirror!

It has secret storage!! 
 Go here to see how we did this!!  

Now, I want to show you something you can't see in any of these pictures.  We moved our bed in front of the window and the curtains hang behind the head board.  I wanted them to hang and not get squished by the headboard, so I added scraps of wood to the back of our head board as spacers.  They only touch the  wall in four little places, keeping the curtains in nice waves not flattened.  I put a spacer at the top and bottom of each side of the window.  
Just a funny little detail I wanted to share.

OK, back to the lovely part of the room!

Over all, I'm very happy with my room and so is Les!!  
So that makes it a successful redo!

I hope you enjoyed this reveal, but more importantly, I hope I have inspire some one out there in blog land with an idea of how they can get the room they want for less.  
Thanks for stopping by.  

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Cristina Garay said...

GORGEOUS! I know it takes time, but all that time and effort was so worth it, you got a wonderful room. I love the color scheme, beautiful! The mirror idea is so fantastic, I need that!

Jessica said...

Love it! Love the pillows! Ty puts up with all of my pillows too, and I have less than you.

Unknown said...

Now that is something. I am a browser of all things DIY. This is my first time to visit your site. I am not a good DIYer (except in my head). This almost looks doable to me. Love how you set apart each item with instructions. Thanks for breaking it down for us lessers. HA Beautiful!

awal.ny said...

I love the colors, I love how you saved so much by being creative. I love, love, love the mirror idea. Great job. Alaina

Emma said...

Your room looks great! Your chairs are gorgeous! I am amazed by all you hard work. Thanks for sharing you journey.

PneumaticAddict said...

Major "WOW" factor! So bright and fun! You have some mad upholstery skills lady!

Unknown said...

As I've said every step of this make over.... WOW! You are Freaking Awesome! Great Job. (Ear to Ear Grin and Thunderous Applause)

Mitch said...

Thanks for taking the time to post. It has been really fun watching all the work you've done. It looks fantastic! The fan is especially creative!

OrangeBlossom said...

What a wonderful space!!! You are amazing.

Unknown said...

I LOOOOOVE it so much!! Beautiful. You have such a great eye.

Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL. I love this room! You did an amazing job.

Joani said...

This looks awesome. I love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

the cape on the corner said...

love the color combo and pattern!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I'm really impressed by all your thrifty ways...beautiful job.

Bartonsark said...

love your room it looks so bright and cheery I can't wait to have you help me with my master bedroom!! Maybe next year will be my year......

Thrifty Southern Pilgrim said...

VERY nice! I love your resourcefulness with finding items. I love our ReStore too and wish our WalMart carried fabric. You do an excellent job with your reupholstery

Lisa @ Before Meets After said...

This is beautiful! I love the colors and all then attention to detail!

Sunday said...

Beautiful job! I love every part of it, especially the board & batten, I'm wanting to do it in my livingroom!

Barbara Pilcher said...

This IS inspiring. Congrats on such a beautiful AND thrifty project!

I am sharing your post with my readers on my Facebook group page, to encourage them to be creative and economical with their home staging.

Thank you for all the helpful ideas. Love that jewelry box!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my word, I am totally impressed, everything is stunning and you are so resourceful and clever. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon. http://www.astrollthrulife.net. I am also your newest follower. Hugs, Marty

CK SN said...

As a long time thrift store shopper myself, I really like this bedroom redo. My favorite part is the chandelier/fan. Super.

Tina @ ClutteredCorkBoard said...

So creative and love that you did it on a budget! That is my kind of decorating! New follower here!

Jen said...

This is an amazing transformation! I saw your room on Better After and I had to check out the whole project. I've been wanting to re-do my master bedroom but haven't because of financial constraints. This is SO inspiring I think I'm going to take another look around at mine and see what I can do. Thanks for sharing!!

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

What a beautiful bedroom....and don't get me started on all of clever money saving ideas. Love, love, LOVE your inspiration placemat pillow! Jane

Sharon @ mrshinesclass said...

Love the color palette! And I LOVE the mix of fabrics. I'm very inspired!! Thanks for sharing your resourcefulness and creativity.

Jennifer V said...

Oh my heck, girl. I just found your blog today and I feel like I've found a kindred spirit! I love, love, love your thrifty attitude and your remodel projects are amazing! We're putting an offer on a "project house" and I'm definitely inspired by your bathroom. As soon as I'm finished typing this, I'm adding you to my blog roll!

Unknown said...

love it, everything looks so beautiful and peaceful, you only need to install hardwood floors !!

Alice Gray said...

I LOOOOOVE it so much!! Beautiful. You have such a great eye.