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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boy's Sports Room!

I recently helped my sister redecorate her youngest son's room.  
In case you forgot, my sister's kids are GIANTS! 
 Ryan is 13 years old and already 6 foot tall!!  I guess it's no surprise that he loves sports, especially basketball!!  He also has a tendency to destroy  be a little rough on things.  So simplicity and sports were the theme.  Come on in and look around!

We used his football jerseys as inspiration for the colors.  
These will be his High School colors so it should work well for a long time!!

I really like this cracked up vinyl on the wall with the basketball in the middle of it.  We found the ball at Target for $19.99.  It actually lights up and came with the vinyl cracks.  

The only thing my sister kept was his bed and night stand. 
 She found the black leather chair at DI for $30.  

Ryan really loves his basketball backboard.  To encourage him to keep his clothes off the floor we placed a giant trash can under the basket.   

We used his football jerseys as art by hanging them on cheap curtain rods.  This way he can easily swap them out with basketball ones latter. One of my favorite things was his night stand.  She already had this square night stand but wasn't sure how to fix it up.  When I saw a square score board the light bulb went off in my head. I had her paint all but the top of the night stand grey.  The rest was done with vinyl.  The idea was to leave the wood on top as is so it would look like a gym floor.  The vinyl turned out a little smaller than planned, but I think it's soooo cute.  
Well you be the judge, did we score on this sports themed room? 

Ryan thinks so!  
He loves his new room and couldn't be happier!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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PneumaticAddict said...

Home run! I love the whole room, but the nightstand is my favorite! Go figure, I spot the furniture first : )