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Sunday, December 15, 2013

What else do we do?

I know you must think that all we do is the major projects I post about,
 but you would be wrong!  
In and around the major projects we do lots of little projects, 
sometimes because we want to and sometimes because we have to!!
Today I thought I'd share some of the small projects we have squeezed in this fall.  
In October we
(OK when I say we, I mean Les!  He did this project all on his own in record time
fixed our downspout drainage problem.  Originally we had a 5 gallon buck with holes drilled in it and sitting on a small bead of rocks.  It was buried under ground and our down spout empty into it.  The problem was that when it rained the grass swelled into a big bubble right above it because it couldn't handle the amount of water.  Les dug a trench and added a long pipe with a pop up release at the end.  Now the water has gravity to help it and when the system is overloaded the pop up lets excess water out.
It's working great so far!! 
Yeah, my husband rocks!!

(NO pun intended, even though out soil is totally laden with rocks!)

Once that problem was solved it allowed us to fix our sidewalk.  Our front walk had sunk down quite a bit, making a tripping hazard.  Plus you could hear it was hallow underneath.  Les did the first project so it was only fair I take on this project,
 so 'I' did!
 (When I say 'I' that includes me and Steve Bouck from Lift Right Concrete)
Holes were drilled at certain locations, and then special cement was pumped in until the cement pad was raised up to where it should be!
No more hallow walkway and no more tripping guests!!
(Shh, just don't tell Les, he thinks I did the whole thing!!!)

OK, if your keeping track it's Les' turn!  We added rain gutters to our house the first year we lived here, all but this little stretch on the side.  I'm not sure why we stopped and never finished, we have had pieces of rain gutter hanging around our workshop for a few years!!  Anyway, Les finally put it up and crossed that off our list!!!

Last project was a combined effort!! I have always wanted to add a pull down attic ladder to access the storage space above the garage.  It's kinda been way down on our list.  They cost over $200, but when Les found someone selling one online he raced over to see it!  It had never been installed and was still in the box, so he bought it from them for $80!!  Suddenly this project moved up on our list!!
The day we installed it I spent almost all day in the attic!!! 
First we cut the hole and framed it out.  Then I spent awhile laying roll out insulation down, and then we installed a plywood floor.  That all had to be done before we could install the ladder.  It took over half the day cutting and getting the plywood up through that hole!!  Then we added two lights with pull chains so we would be able to see what we were storing up there!!

By dinner time we were getting very tired, but we pushed on after dinner to get that ladder installed.  We were so proud of ourselves for getting the whole thing done in ONE day!!  
Here's how she looks and works.

You just pull on the string and the door comes down with the ladder all folded up on it.
  Then you just unfold the ladder and climb on up!!  
It is so easy and added so much storage!!!  

So there you have it!  
What we do when we aren't doing family stuff or big projects!!!
When do you knock out little projects?

Next time I'll show you our next BIG project!!
Thanks, for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

Ah...no end to projects when one owns a home. Lucky you guys are DIY Phds in upkeep and maintenance. It must feel so good to be able to utilize attic storage space. Good job. Congrats.