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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Laundry Room - It begins!!

I did not fall off the face of the earth, I promise. 

 I have just been trying to work on the laundry room and run a house hold of six kids and do my church calling and run a blog!!  
OK so this round, kids and laundry room, won for getting the most of my time!!! 
 Blog came in last!!  

But I am back to my blog, and ready to share!!  
So let's get this laundry room started!!
Back in December, I posted about this new project and my plans; go here to check that out.  
My laundry room is by no means the smallest laundry room, but I would not call it big either.  It's roughly 7 feet by 6 feet.  In order to get all that I want in this small, but highly functioning room, I am stealing some space from my daughters room! 
Yes, she already has the smallest room in the house,
 but come on it's all hers. 
 Besides I own the whole house so I get the final say!!!
(In reality she has never complained or said anything about me taking this space.  She knows it just means her room is next on the list!!!)

Em's room has this little cubby by her closet and shares a wall with the laundry room.  Seems like a no brainer to me to just steal this space!! 
First we moved Em in with her twin sister!!  
(Yeah... that's going well!  lol)
Then I ripped a small hole in the wall to check for any electrical wires or what ever we would have to deal with. I was pretty sure there would be a wire, but found nothing.  So we started ripping out the rest of the opening. 
 Found the wire!! 

Who runs electrical wire for outlets half way up the wall?  
We re-routed the wire and moved on to taking the middle stud out of our way.
(Can I just add, Branden misses the days when he was little and could work with mommy on projects. He just really wanted to help take down this wall!  We let him work before school in his expensive scout shirt!!)
Anywhoo, lets take a look at the laundry room side of this wall. Looks great except for that door.  That door had a lot of wasted space behind it that I wanted to use.  So, we took it off!!  
Yeah, I am weird that way.
 I have a plan for latter, I will not leave my laundry room door-less!!

It has begun!!  
Once you make a gaping hole in your wall it has officially begun!!

Next time I will show ya my ReStore finds that are shaping this remodel!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Cristina Garay said...

Woohooo pretty exciting! It makes me feel like going and ripping a wall too :D

Emma said...

You are inspiration to me to be more active in the building process of projects. I can't wait to see your finished laundry room and the deals you got.

Kanninto said...

I don't know if this was mentioned somewhere and I missed it, but what were the dimensions of the space you took from your daughters room?

By the way I love, love LOVE this laundry room. I hope I can duplicate it because I am in sore need of a functional laundry room. My laundry room is about 11 x 6.5 with a whole bunch of unusable space due to exposed pipe work.