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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Laundry Room Lights!!

Moving right along on our laundry room!
 Now that we have the demo underway, we decided to address our lighting issue. 
 We have no windows or outside light in this room.  Right now there is one two bulb light fixture in the room.  We are changing that for two reasons.
Reason #1 - I need better light for ironing, stain fighting, and bright lights make me feel happy!!!  
Reason #2 - I want to install a cabinet and the current light fixture is in the way!! 
(See below)
There is really no way to make this work,  just gonna have to move it!!

Because we will have cabinets mounted close to the ceiling and a hanging bar, we decided to illuminate our room with can lights not hanging lights.
 (OK sad face here.  I love the character of hanging lights but function prevails this time!!)
Picking out  can lights sounds easy right? 
 Like an hour or two later we were still picking them out!!!
In the end we went with LED recessed lights.  
We bought these at Lowe's for $35 each.  These seemed like they would be the easiest to install.  Just for the record, they were very easy.  They came with a template to trace onto the ceiling before you cut the hole.  We pulled our wire down through our new hole to make our connections, which then fit neatly into the casing of the light and then pushed the entire unit up into the new hole.  It has clips that just clip onto the dry wall from above.  I just pushed the attic insulation back a little as per instructions.  
(I'm sure it helped that our attic access is in the center of this room.  I didn't have to get into the attic , I just stood on a ladder!  Score!)
So here are what they look like in our room.  Very sleek and low profile.  

The LED lights are very bright!! 
 I love that. 
 My son said he wishes we had these in every room in our house.  He thinks it's so bright and cheery in the laundry room now!! 
 (And that is coming from a teenager!!)

We added three lights, one above the folding table, one above the ironing station, and one over where we load the machines!!  They have made a big difference in how the room feels and I am hoping it will make a big difference in how it functions.  

What do you think?  

Thanks for stopping by!

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PneumaticAddict said...

Perfect! I don't think a laundry room needs "statement" lighting. I'm with you, brighter is better.